End of California 14th June

Yep nearly a month since we arrived we made it out of California and into Nevada (only just as we found a clown Motel in a silver mine town). It was quite hard as we nearly stayed another ‘extra day’ as we stumbled across June Lake, another idyllic camp site.

So what have we been up too? Well Yosemite kept us busy for 4 days and again we could have spent a whole while longer. We didn’t go on any back country walks, see I am trying and speed up. We did see the glory of Yosemite. I am not sure that I can add much to that.

Louise found a soul mate in another fashion design girl from San Francisco. They shared designs, thrift store shopping and a sleep over – a real Yosemite experience. actually they also got to check out an old mining town, float down the river in rafts, swim in Rainbow Pool and feed Donkeys, so not bad for 4 days.

Jacob chose to read his books so Angela and I got to go on a hike to some falls on our own – good job.

Here are the pics to see what I am going on about.


4 thoughts on “End of California 14th June

  1. The Cheltenham Armchair Travellers

    Wow! Thanks for your card. To think we passed up on Yosemite! Mind there are great camp sites deep in the desert of the Utah canyonlands! love M and D xxxx

  2. cranfield News

    Wow More great pictures and reports of latest adventures. This trip has really been so fab and you all look FAB !! Can’t believe that the year is nearly up..Will you settle for normal life when you get
    back ? Or maybe you’ll be planning a world trip by boat !!
    Love and hugs Mum & Dad xxxx

  3. rich roberts

    Pictures from stateside parks look great.
    Happy birthday for Fri John.
    We shall raise a glass down the Boat on thurs’

    Rich,Jo,Will and Isla

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