Hue 27th – 28th Jan.

A flying visit to the anciient capital of the Viet Nam empire and hated symbol of imperialist power. Scene of some of the heaviest fighting in the ‘American war of Aggression’ and the near destruction of the emperors palace.

We hired bikes but I don’t think any amount of bike right training would have prepared us for full on traffic. We all survived with only our throats a bit sore from the holloring that we did at the kids to keep ’em un-sqished. It looks worse than it was, no one wants to crash so as long as you go slow, then everything works well. Affirmation of the good will to all mankind.


10 thoughts on “Hue 27th – 28th Jan.

  1. Joanne Hogarth

    That sounds like my idea of hell!!

  2. Nguyen Hoang Long

    nice pics John!!!

  3. cranfield News

    We had a heart in mouth moment when we saw you all on the bikes !
    Love the photo’s especially the one of Jacob and Louise xxx
    Love Mum and Dad xx

  4. Jenny

    Just catching up with your news; all looking and sounding good! Can’t believe it’s Feb already. Enjoy XX

    Bees still asleep; honey went down really well and I’m busy reading books and preparing new frames. Looking forward to Spring time, but snow still around at the minute.

    • Sounds good, don’t give in to the temptation to see how they are doing. Ok I know that I aways do but I am a few thousand miles away so I can convince mysef that this year I’d be a ealy good bee keeper.

      • Jenny

        snow’s back. Busy making honey supers. Visited last week end and bees were flying from all four hives……..will try and keep them going for when you get back..XX

        You all look so well……enjoy……love reading your news and looking at all the photos….keeping me going here!!

      • Wow I am impressed, I seem to remember making supers up on the day that we were to put them on. 4 out of 4, well done you, what are you to do with all that honey? Have you thought of splits and making nucs to sell for $150 a pop? Have fun.

  5. Some People Are In Your House?? Thank You For The Postcard From Nepal!!!

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