Nanuya Balavu 12th – 15th May

Here we are at the last island before we head back to the mainland. It is very different here at Manta Ray Resort. We have up-graded to a 2 coconut resort! The food and lodging are much more classy but maybe we have also lost some of that family feeling that we had at the other two places. Louise has not yet been serving cocktails to the very much more holidaying crowd, as opposed to the more backpacker types that we met before.

Today I had one of the most amazing swims yet, no manta or reef sharks but a whole wall of coral. I went up the beach towards the rocks where Angela had seen the sea turtle the other day, just as I reached the point I spotted a sea snake coming up out of the water, well there was no way that I was going to go in there so I scrambled on a bit more. I was quite a way from the resort by now so got in. After some initial problems with the tide being out I began to follow gaps in the coral towards deeper water. The coral here glowed purple and lilac with luminous blue fish darting in and out, curious to watch but scared to be seen. As the depth increased so did the size of the fish untill quite suddenly the coral was gone from before and I was left with the amazing crystal blue of the water, darkening as it dropped of to the deep. I turned and there was a most beautiful sight, as pretty as the views in New Zealand or Nepal, a wall of coral stretching down as far as I could see went of towards the right. It was like stumbling across a hidden valley. The blue was pierced by rays of light illuminating patches of coral at great depth. The wall swayed with the current as fish went with the swell. I hung a bove the spectacle and drifted with the current. Skipjack tuna swam around me chasing I don’t know what. Fish of various colours and types came to investigate, and I marvelled at what I was being allowed to see. It seems like a great privilege to be able to see this.

To get a good visual image have a look at the start of Nemo. Clown fish here are about 30cm and Dori maybe 45cm, and bright, bright colours. As though really luminous felt tip pens have given out in class, and fun was being had with the vibrant colours.

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One thought on “Nanuya Balavu 12th – 15th May

  1. cranfield News

    Oh WOW_WEEeeeee!! What an adventure you are all having!! What a fabulous nine months of
    fantastic experiences and memories. How will you ever get back to normal life when you get home ?!!
    Love always
    Mum & Dad (N & G) xxxx

    ps. The swimming in the coral with the coloured fish reminded me of Cairns

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