Not much in the way of comment at the moment, I thought that this delightful video did a really good job.

So instead of packing the car I thought I would up-date the Wellington page, especially as  we are about to leavenow. We have stayed a long time with Humphrey and his family in a very relaxed manner. We were quite up tight about stopping for any amount of time but one day drifted into another and here we are nearly a week later thinking we really should leave. For those of you who know Humphrey and Rose – well it is a bit like a time warp thing, for me it was. I am sure they have changed but it felt very familiar sitting and chatting. Maybe we have all changed at a similar rate so that any maturing around the edges is masked by are collective myopia.

Wellington – Windy Welly. What a lovely capital city. I reckon it is similar in size to Newcastle so that makes it about the right size for a city. Nice parks and a great museum, shops and culture. What else do you want – oh yes easy access to great walking and skiing 3 hrs away. Going back to the museum (Angela had left her camera there the previous week – we got the camera back.) for the second time I still felt as though I could have spent longer.

Onwards to the volcano. Not much in the way of photos because of the aforementioned camera issue.


2 thoughts on “Wellington

  1. The Cheltenham Armchair Travellers

    Glad to hear you got your camera back!

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