Kaoh Ruessei

A stange spelling from Google. Another hard few days spent exploring the reefs and Jungle around, what I would call Koh Ru. We were to stay just a couple of days, but that slowly stretched to five. Not one of us is sure how that happened. In fact on the way back through the jungle to get the boat Jacob commented how he had not had time to explore the island. In the end we had to leave as funds were running low – something to do with the cost of coconut cocktails.

We are meant to be off to Vietnam but I wonder if we will not just have to visit one more desert island. – No just booked the night bus to Siagon, oops Ho Chi Ming City.


6 thoughts on “Kaoh Ruessei

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Depends on the price of those coconut cocktails! Enjoy your island or Vietnam. You might just have to go back some day to see all you have had to miss!

  2. Chris and Jill Vyle

    love the pictures of you all – you are all so relaxed and happy looking. The tree shoe reminded me of the one in Jesmond. What a good looking family!

  3. cranfield News

    So Vietnam and Laos won the day !! .I’m not surprised and i’m sure you won’t be disappointed .
    We too love all the photo’s and are so pleased to see you are all looking so well and relaxed
    The diet of chicken feet, worms,locusts and other creepy crawlies together with tropical cocktails seem to be working their magic !! Long may it last xxx
    Love as always Mum and Dad xxx

  4. charlotte

    what were them big red things on the beach??? If that was a boat you were on you must have had fun.
    You will miss my birthday while you are away its on the 16th of February. aww well enjoy your time around the world!!!!!

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