Hoi An

Did you know there is a Hoi An in Fulham? I just googled it, I wonder why there would be such a road in London.

So one night train ride later and here we are in historic Hoi An. Again I am left with the feeling that we are rushing through, but then it gives us the idea that we are busy. We are having weather here to, it is a bit misty and I am wearing a long sleeved top… I think from here on it get steadily cooler.

We fell on our feet with our not booking any accomodation. I know that therre will be a time that we are caught short but so far it seems to work. We were just walking down the street after sharing a taxi with some people to their expensive hotel, when a lady called us off the street. Don’t worry Angela was with me, we looked at her hotel and very nice it is too. We negotiated a price and got our breakfast included, now just to get the kids away from the pool for some serious culture.

What a marvellous place Hoi An turned out to be. Various trading countries set up their own commercial districts so we saw Japanese, Chinese (from several regions) and even Dutch buildings. I liked the chinese ones a lot, they were straight out of a set of a kung-fu film, any minute I expected to see the ranks of practicing kung-fu experts demolishing blocks and stuff. We got some bikes and pedaled around the place for most of the day then came back that night to wander the lantern lit streets, sail a candle boat and eat some delicious Hoi An delicacies in a street side restaurant.

We could have stayed for much longer but our now tight schedule will not allow any dilly dallying. We caught the train to Hue the next morning. The train ride is particularly spectacular(ly), with a track that clings to the side of a mountain whose sides disappear into the tropical waters of the South China Sea. Crashing waves on rocks or lapping on coral beaches accompanied the slow clatter of the climbing train. We started off in an A/C carriage but moved to the ‘hard’ class as there you could open the window and enjoy the breeze off the sea. Just to finish off the scene; the tropical scrub and palm fringed beaches were interspersed with water buffalo in rice paddies being guided by eponymous people in pointed hats. I wanted to get bucolic and fecund into that sentence but could not figure out how, but I think you can get the picture.


8 thoughts on “Hoi An

  1. Nguyen Hoang Long

    enjoy your stay there, I am glad that everything is ok with you all there. You should try to enjoy the local foods, do you know ” Cao Lau”? It’s a special food in Hoi An and Da Nang.

    • It was lovely. We ordered lots and lots of diiferent dishes and then felt very greedy when they all arrived. We all liked the ‘white rose’ dish from Hoi An.

      • Nguyen Hoang Long

        it’s my favorite food, I eat it every time when I get there.

  2. renski

    Yes all cold and snow here in London, ice and every thing came to a shut down apart from us community health workers who have to just keep going very jealous looks like you are having such a fantastic time, jacob and louise such big smiles fantastic, would love to be on the beach with you….
    I agree with your friend saying slow down enjoy your time every day will be such a fantastic memory and experience enjoy love ren x

  3. Nguyen Hoang Long

    Hi John and Angela, today I went to the park that we met, some one took my backpack away, there was nothing worth but I lost my Tour guide ID Card…anyway, how was your day? I hope you enjoyed it yourselves. Have a good weekend there!

  4. Chris and Jill Vyle

    love the lanterns. Train journey sounded amazing. I admire your vocabulary – now I have to reach for the dictionary! love Mum and Dad xxx

  5. cranfield News

    I agree with your Mum, John. You certainly have a way with words I could feel the sway of the train
    the sound of it rattling along and could imagine the wonderful scenery Are we jealous,Ha !!
    Be sure you all enjoy every minute of it (you kids will look at the scenery!).
    love Mum and Dad xxx

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