Vietnam 19th Jan – 6th Feb.

What the heck. I am sure I said that we were not going to do this, but the lure of a new country was too great. i never did get that trip down the Mekong, instead we got ripped off on a nighbus. Ripped off why? We got on a deluxe bed bus. Yes beds on a bus. Fab. Only to be wakend at 1a.m. to be told that the bus was in fact now going to Siam Riep! I think we managed to collect all the children and transfer buses. I  laugh it off as ‘one of those things’, Angela was about to rip someones head off, so I kept a low profile just in case it was me!

First impressions are pretty good – lets see after 3 weeks; imagine seeing Britain in 3 weeks and thinking you could give an account of the country.

We are now about to head for the border and the remote north of Laos. Vietnam is securly on the must return list of coutries. We have raced through and should really have spent more time exploring the parts that it has to offer. We missed the national parks, a load of history and trecking in the hills of the north – all for that extra visa. No I am sure we will enjoy our trip exploring the rivers of Laos.


10 thoughts on “Vietnam 19th Jan – 6th Feb.

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    You poor things. Hope you are now recovered
    love M and D xx

  2. Nguyen Hoang Long

    God bless you wherever you are!!!

    • It was great to meet you too. Thanks for all the help with maps and things. Louise has put her mouse on her bag. The palace was good, we all enjoyed the visit. Off to the War museum today.

      • Nguyen Hoang Long

        Hi John and Angela, I am glad that you enjoyed the visit, keep moving to the places that you all want to be, I’ll follow you on this web ^^! say hello to Louise and Jacob. Jacob, Please don’t spend all the time on movies and technology but enjoy the interested places, things and time with your family, that’s the great memory when you grow up. Thanks Louise for keeping the mouse on your bag! have a nice day!

  3. Sian Atkinson

    Hi Guys, hope Angela has cooled down, she needs to be here cos weve got snow!!! We missed you and your super sledge on the cresta run John. Take care all and have fun.
    Love Don & Sian

    • I heard there was snow coming in, have you had a lot? We are sweltering in Saigon, it is a three shower kind of place. We are be heading north soon to chilly Hanoi, apparently the temp. can get down to around 10. That will be the coldest we’ve had since October when we were in the mountains. I don’t know how well I would cope in the snow. Hope the snow does not melt too soon, though I hope you don’t get the snow melt problem; water throgh the roof thing.
      All the best to you all.

  4. cranfield News

    Angela, As Michael Winner would say ” Calm down dear “!!!
    Love you , Mum xx

  5. charlotte

    hey it was my birthday on the 16th and i am now 10! i hope you are having a nice time! I will keep updated and everything. I loved going to see my first concert … GIRLS ALOUD! It was amazing well i need to do my homework so i hope you have the best time!!!!!! xxx 🙂 😦 lol

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