U.S.A. 16th May –

Well a strange non- day, we left at 11pm and arrived 10 hours earlier. Liked sleep deprived consumers that we were, we signed the upgrade deal because the SUV was not quite big enough. We now have a big Chevvy 6 to play around in. Pictures to follow but it is massive, I can not see over the top of it and it has a fancy rear video thing to see us back.

The picture is from high up in the Beverly Hills, and the smog is authentic LA. Felt quite bracing.


10 thoughts on “U.S.A. 16th May –

  1. The Cheltenham Armchair Travellers

    Glad you have arrived albeit sleep deprived. Enjoy the big Chevy and the US of A. Whar does SUV stand for by the way. I have often wondered
    M and D

    • SUV; is it small, prob. standard utility vehicle? Not sure either. It is pretty unnervining trying to get it into small spaces. With 7 seats we can spread the kids out, still have room for the fridge and then sleep in it at night (almost).

  2. cranfield News

    Cranfield news.

    Whats it like driving a tank!. It must bring back some old memories when you were on the
    wide freeways after leaving the airport. We hope you found Kathy’s residence O.K, and I expect
    both Louise and Jacob are busy making a fuss of her dog.Give her our love and kind regards.
    Mum here! What a trip this has been, and now time travel!! Don’t complain about the long journey
    the magical thing is you arrived younger than when you left!!
    love & hugs Mum& Dad xxxx


  3. Dominik

    Hey there! (:

    It’s me Dominik – you remember? I’m home by now nearly one week, kinda weird feeling to be home after such a long time of traveling. Missing the lifestyle of traveling already! So jealous that your travels still going on!

    I dont know really how this works with wordpress, we forgot to exchange email adresses. It’s easier to keep in touch with via mail. Furthermore I wanted to have a postcard from the USA and Angela wanted me to mail my home adress then!

    Happy & safe travels, cheers,


  4. Nguyen Hoang Long

    Hello, it’s me, Long from Vietnam,
    How are you guys?

  5. Pau Weinberger

    Happy birthday Angie. Seems like only yesterday we left you’se in Phnom Penh. Probably not from where you’ve been. Manic hectic here in Blighty. But the sun has come out at last and we’re in to double figures occasionally with the old centigrade. Which means that there’s an abundance of bare flesh all over the shop. Perfect to keep and old man like me happy. Just been to a wedding in Chelsea. Lovely jubbly. See you all soon again.

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