Lalgadh Hospital – Nov.

Here at last, it seems an age of travelling and now a month of stopping still. The compound is very nice and our new home is very similar to accommodation in Sierra Leone. (In fact it is like a posh Serabu. As a massive coincidence there is a man here who has also spent time in Sierra Leone.)

At the moment I am sat in a central band stand type structure, which is where you are able to get the internet. Louise is playing with some of the children and most people are at church. It is incredibly peaceful and Angela is determined to track down a hammock for our garden. Pictures will follow.

Very nice compound.

Angela is putting in some very long days at the moment – coming home at 7 o’clock. Out visiting the villages is harder than she remembers. She tells me that there are some good programmes in place. Next week is another festival to do with Divwali, three days off. We are not sure what we will do with our time. Here are some pictures of Nepal village life.



16 thoughts on “Lalgadh Hospital – Nov.

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Enjoy your month of morestationary living. take care all of you xxxx.

  2. isla roberts

    To Louise,
    thanks for the phone call,
    it was great to hear from u.i wasn’t expecting it at all
    Over the half term we had Halloween and it was really fun,because Rosa came round to our house.
    I even went round to, with Millie and Beth Norris so that was an extra bonus. Some of the people were even giving out hot dogs but I ate mine in about 5 seconds though.
    Eney wey I hope U have r having a great time in the jungle,it looks so much fun!

    Hope u will write back soon to me

    Love from Islaxxxooo

    • To Isla,
      It was fun calling you, are you on skype then i could see you. We had one pack of sweets for Halloween as they don’t have it here. They have other festivals. You can buy fireworks for 5p, they are very loud. I have been doing dancing with my friends here we are going to do a show for the festival.
      love from Louise XXXXX

  3. Pau Weinberger

    Does that mean that Serabu was not posh?
    Looks like you’re all enjoying this far too much. Are you ever coming home again?

    • It means that no one has chopped the diesel so when the power goes off the back up geny kicks in – it is still magic. Angela is out at the villages, and I am thinking of making yoghurt. I do get the feeling that I have done this before.

  4. Sian Atkinson

    Wow, amazing photos. Our trip to the Lake District this week feels a bit tame in comparison. Missing you all.

    • I loved our trip to Coniston, Jacob still talks about the time he was abandoned on wild cat island. Maybe it is as much about who you go with as where you go. Missing you all too. Got to use the chopping board the other day. No one was as impressed as I was that I had one in my back pack, still managed to slice my finger though.

  5. isla roberts

    To Louise,

    I was really ill the past couple of days with a cold but once I got better I went on a cycle ride on the ISLA bike. Sorry, we don’t have Skype but my dad said he will find out the prices, so it is a maybe.
    I hope the dance goes well for you and your new friends in the festival. I hope we can call eachother more ofton, I really wasnt expecting it when you called me last week but all the samee it was amazing chating with u.Hope u have a great christmas, Iv just been planning my christmas list. Hopefully im getting a new camera and some horse riding boots and a Harry Hall hat, I cant wait!

    Hope u are having a graet time away, we are missing u lots.
    Lots of love Isla.xx

    • Hi Isla,
      We were just looking through the posts. We saw yours and Louise was excited. When she heard that you were getting a camera she thought that it was very cool, and wants want too. I am not sure how Santa is going nto visit. I don’t think they have chimneys in Cambodia. I am not even sure that they have christmas. I am sure we will find something.
      For Skype – it is free! But you need a video camera if you want us to see you. It is very strange to talk to someone and see them on the video. Sometimes Louise spends all the time making funny faces or adding special effects.
      Louise says I should write to you and tell you to get better.
      We are off to a town today to try and buy ping pong balls. There is a table tennis table here.
      I’d better go, next time I will get Louise to write.

  6. cranfield News

    Mum & Dad
    Enjoy your month of village life and your time with the hospital . It should be very interesting especially the out-reach trips . On your rest days you could always try your hands at threshing rice
    You could then make it into rice crispies for breakfast.!
    Love all your photo’s.

  7. isla roberts

    Hi Louise
    great to hear from you, its great talking to you I realy miss you
    its alot…quieter in clara vale now. It just does not feel the same without you.
    I am much better now, thanks, but i maniged to give all the rest of my family my cold aswell ooooooooooopppppppppppppssssssssss!
    I cant wait to see your face when we get Skype, I nearly forgotten what you look like! It seems much better when we can see eachother, its so much more special.
    If santa dousnt bring you eney presents then I will send some over…I dont know how but i will try my hardest. you can have a christmas present aswell of me.I cant wait for it, I love getting in the christmas spirit!I hope you got your ping pong balls, i love playing ping pong.

    Eney ways I hope you are having a great time away on your very very veryetc. long weekent
    love lots from Islaxxoo

    • Dear Isla,
      I am really enjoying Nepal I am glad you have clean off your cold but it is not great you have past yor cold on to your family. I am not having Christmas because they don’t have it in Nepal instead they set off little fireworks and crackers but I want for Christmas a phone. My dad says no but he said he will buy a I pod. Are you doing anything for the Christmas play if you are please say what you are ok. Lots of love Louise I will miss you BFF XXX
      Dad says: I didn’t say anything of the sort!

      • isla roberts

        Hi Louise,
        thanks for the phone call
        I love it when we call eachother
        We said we would meet each other online, but i guess it didnt really work
        Eney ways for the christmas play years 5 and 6 arnt doing it, instead years 3 and 4 are doing it . They are doing snow white even though its not really christmasie at all, it will still be goog to watch .
        My dad said he would check out the prices for a camera to get Skype.
        I cant wait to see you when we get Skype hopefully!
        Eneyways hope u can text back soon
        missing u lots love islaxxx

  8. Julie

    Hope you are all enjoying “working life” and school days. Love looking at your pictures, it great that we can share your adventure as it happens. Trying to work out how we can let Mum and Dad see your blog as they don’t have internet but will find a way. Take care, enjoy!

  9. Ron

    Wondering if I might “pirate” your photo of the Lalgadh Hospital “this way” sign? I’m planning to visit/volunteer with a team in February, and I might want to use it on a blog. Thank you!

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