Annapurna Base Camp 10th – 19th Oct.

Just got back from our walk – Fab but v. tired. Basic facts with more to follow;10 days of walking

54 miles walked

highest point 4100m

climbed 3300m

biggest single rise – 1000m climbed by accending 3240 steps.

Longest walk in a day was an exhausting 9 hours, which ended in a hail storm.

I thought maybe I’d up date this a bit. For those of you with map fetishes, you can string the distance – see what you make it.

Day 1: Bus to Nayapul. Short walk to Birethanti to have passes checked and get signed into the park, we paid an extra fee to be tracked too I am not sure how effective it was but we made it back so all is fine. Our first night was in Tikhedhungga. A lovely hostel type building with of true walls and lots of short twisting stair cases. The room cost less than $2 for all of us, as in most cases the guest houses/hostels made their money on the food, with prices rising the further into the conservation area we got.

Second night was spent in Ghorepani. This was the day we climbed 3000+ steps. What was quite humbling was watching the school children doing the same trip, I can see Jacob and Louise getting sick of hearing of this any time they miss a bus up to Crawcrook. It took us all of the morning to get to the top.

Next day I had an early pre dawn pilgamige type walk up to Poon hill. The altitude added a frost so it was the first time I got to wear my jacket. The children and Angela slept on in Ghorepani, I walked down and met them for breakfast then walked to Tadapani.

Day 4 up to Chhomrong. Loved this place, it was the furthest that the mules could get to so it had a jolly frountier type atmosphere. I bought a whole slew of pastries – after all it is called apple pie treking. Boy did we need them

Next day big hike – longest day all the way up to Himalaya. We were going well with a nice stop for cakes and everyone feeling fine. The last hour or so were very hard. We had been walking since 8 (with short breaks) when at about 3ish we felt a bit of rain. This turned into a proper down pour, and as we rose higher into a hail storm. Lukily I had equiped the family with the latest in plastic protection. Nerves did begin to fray as the dense cloud made it look as if night was arriving. We got to the rest house by 5:30  every one alive although no one very happy, I get accused of saying it was a good day’s walk.

Short day; finished by lunch had up at MBC. The mist came down and the children met their canadian friends. I felt twitchy so hiked the additional 2hrs up to ABC so I could get a dawn view. Found there was no rooms at all so had to leg it down to beat the growing gloom and fog.

Day 7 up at dawn to hike to ABC for breakfast, we met plenty of people coming down because of mist. By the time we were up at ABC the sky had cleared to a fantastic saphire blue and our stunning 360 views – Fab (doesn’t quite do it), down to Deurali for another early stop The steps were getting to Angela’s knees, and the children wanted to stay with their new friends. I got stomped on in a couple of chess matches, it was the worst nights sleep in a real grot bag stinkeroo place, wish we’d gone on as our time table for getting out in 10days was getting tight.

Day 8; down to Sinuwa and honey hunters. A good days walk aided by the jovial spirits of the children as they chatted along, forgetting they were walking. Asked the price of the honey – $50. I’d love some as it is unique, but I just couldn’t for that price.

On day nine we only just make it to New Bridge after spending far too long in the hot spings at Jhinu. I had hoped to get a further 2 hours onwards but who can resist thermal waters after a week of hiking – I couldn’t. We turned into prunes, much to the amusment of our guide.

Day 10; This had to be a big hike out to Nayapul. I had tried to get Angela interested in pushing on earlier in our descent so we wouldn’t have so much left. I guess i just don’t like that final walk out it always seems to drag no matter how wonderful the scenery. 6 hours of walking got us back to the start. Jacob got kissed by some random beggar and spent the whole of the journey trying disenfect his hand. That might be the end of his giving of alms.

I have been trying to think of things to write about our trek, but at the moment I think the pictures are doing a much better job.

I am very proud of Jacob and Louise, I don’t think they really know what they have achieved. Maybe later when they think back to their 10 days in the Annapurna Himal they will remember all the great stuff that they experienced. (Or maybe they will just wonder what the heck we were thinking.)

Health saftey nightmare 🙂


11 thoughts on “Annapurna Base Camp 10th – 19th Oct.

  1. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Glad to hear you are back safely. My legs ache at the thought of all those steps. especially for Louise who has the shortest legs. Well done all of you though. What an experience!

  2. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Just seen pics. Wow! You’d have lost me at the rickety bridge. What an achievement. So proud of you all.xxxx

    • We have loads of pics, I’m trying not to over load everyone. I might make another page. It was a fantastic walk, it has made me look forward to New Zealand. Hope everyone else shares my enthusiasm.

  3. Margaret & Tony

    Margaret & Tony.
    .What memories !! WOW / What a FAB_ U _LOUS adventure you are having !!!
    The photo s are A _ MAZ _ING !!! You are all AMAZING !!!
    .We are very proud of you all
    Love always Mum & Dad XXX.

  4. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Sure do

  5. Did you do risk assessment on the bridge Longshanks?

    • You know me, got the paper work all sorted ready for city hall. Just might not be in within the 3 month time limit. Even I bailed on some of the bridges, and walked around to a fording point. I was assured no one has died on the bridges – no it is the rocks below that gets ’em, haha. We had a great time.

  6. Don Atkinson

    Fantastic guys, well done! Like the 360 John, next bivi trip?

    • I do fancy a scotish trip, up into some remote spot. The thing about this trek was how busy it is, a bit like the lakes on a bank holiday weekend, with more steps and less rain.

  7. Loraine Richardson

    Hi John and family, what a fantastic time you are all having, more pics would be great, really enjoyed the Annapurna experience – puts my Sunday 10 mile walk in the pretty autumnal Allen valley in the shade a bit! You are all doing so well, proud of you all. Keep the info coming, I do share your enthusiasm! I look forward to New Zealand too, we took our kids trekking there.

    • Hi Loraine,
      Arr but i know how beautiful Allendale is, feeling quite homesick; though the fab view across to Chitwan park compensates – hope to get some pics of animals rather than just footprints.
      If you have any ideas for treks in NZ we’d like to hear them. We have not worked out anything yet except we will probably stay 1 month south island then head north as the weather worsens. I will be buying rain kit.

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