Nevada and Zion

It took 4 weeks to get out of California and about 40 hours to get through Nevada, it could have been shorter but once again we kept finding interesting bits to explore and … well, hey if you had a chance to see the ‘Lunar Crater’ wouldn’t you make the 70 mile round trip to go see?

With my geological itch scratched we moved on and found Cathedral Canyon, another geological wonder. We went down and explored the canyon keeping the kids interested by having them on rattler watch. When the Canyon started to tighten and we had to make dips into small covered areas – ideal snake homes we decided to climb out. A fun couple of hours spent not in the car.

Eventually we arrived in Utah and made it to our next official destination…

(When I first imagined the U.S. part of this trip I thought that we would have visited L.A., San Francisco then Yosemite and hey we’d be in Utah. How great it has been to be able to stop  and ‘discover’ other bits – mind we will have to miss out quite a bit to make it to Canada.)

….Wow and another OMG We are camped in another canyon valley, but unlike Yosemite this is an oasis in the dessert. People describe it as the Grand Canyon in colour. Yesterday we did a river walk and were out hiking for over 6 hours. Amazing how adding a bit of water into the mix will keep people interested. We had great fun battling against the current and dipping into pools as the Canyon sides went from 1/4 of a mile down to 20 odd feet – 400m to 7m for those of you metrically minded. The cliff faces kept their height at around 5000 ft ( around 1.5km!), you can imagine it all got pretty spectacular.

Today I thought I’d try the Angel’s Landing walk – check out the you – tube videos, mine are not as good. Some reason Angela said no to taking the Kids. I got an early start and was down for lunch. It was great fun if a bit hairy. I was telling some Americans that of course we have striding edge in the lakes but I don’t know … maybe this has it for dessert scenery. It also is a tad higher.

What next, well again we have fallen in love with another place so have booked yet another night here. The children have got some rings out of us and have spent the entire day playing around in the river – we are all quite happy. I wonder if we will move on tomorrow


4 thoughts on “Nevada and Zion

  1. The Cheltenham Armchair Travellers

    It all looks “wish I were there” (and 20 years younger!) What an adventure. Would have loved all the water bits but not the heights. Love Louise’s pink and purple outfit.
    love M and D xxxx

  2. Laura Lee and Richard Paulus

    This looks fabulous! Was it hot in Zion? It is so much fun to follow your adventures and can’t wait to see where you will head next. Love to all. Laura

  3. cranfield News

    Just when we think we’ve seen it all you go and do it again !!! More great pictures, More super adventures Oh how we wish we could have done it all with you. ( We can dream can’t we?)
    Love as always
    Mum & Dad xxxx

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