Leh Pics

I thought I would try and put in a few more pictures.These are monks who perform buddhist rituals at special times. They always wear masks, some where pretty scary. These death masks provided great humor amongst the crowd.

 We climbed up beyond this palace to the castle. It was a very tough climb up a huge flight of steps. We were all tired by the end. I needed a lot of ‘energy’ sweets to make it one piece.

After Louise got ill on our trek (sunstroke) she took it into her head to not eat the flat bread. She is living on cake and chips. Her she enjoys the former.

 I liked the desert, but it was hard. I drank 3 litres of water that day, not including chai or apricot juice.

Louise did not drink enough and fell ill. The only cure seems to be huge amounts of cake and chips. How much vitamin c is in ketchup?

These guys seemed to barley regard the crowds. It made for interesting, if slightly nervous spectating.

I can feel the newspaper being ripped as I write. How cool would a couple of these masks be in a buddha display.

Reading is a snatch of time between manic children.

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