Sydney 22nd Feb. – 5th March

Gosh I realize how far behind my blogging has become. Not having the little lap top makes it quite difficult to tick over the blog; I have to make more of an effort. Today I am sitting inside Mandy and Basil’s house whilst the kids are playing on the beach with some dogs (they bought some dog treats in the super-market). I had hoped to get a paddle in, they have a good selection of sea kayaks and canoes.

Sydney is lovely, walked around the botanical gardens yesterday, checking out all the plants we have seen in our travels so far. Then we treated ourselves to fish and chips by the quay.

We are staying on the equivalent of a nautical Clara Vale. A little island, no cars just a public ferry once an hour, and no pub! You could swim to shore but using the ‘tinny’ is dryer and quicker. The house is on stilts over looking the blue waters of ….hmm don’t know what the river would be; look up Scotland Island NSW and you can find out. Steps lead down to the jetty where the various boats are stored. Jacob loves it for the extensive video collection, Louise for the dogs here about and Angela and I as we can sit on the porch and enjoy a sherbet or two.

So why aren’t we staying longer? I had to buy a packet of crisps for the kids – we had missed judged lunch time. They cost $2.20 with an exchange of $1.40 to the pound. They were the equivalent of your standard Walkers packet of crisps. I saw a loaf of posh bread for $8.50, it did look nice but I just could not bring myself to buy it. I have put Angela in charge of spending money as I think I would just go around tutting and shaking my head.


14 thoughts on “Sydney 22nd Feb. – 5th March

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Great to read the blog once more. We have missed it. Have looked up Scotland Island – read the history and elevation etc but still can’t tell you the river name. I had assumed it was in a bay. Glad you are all enjoying yourselves in your own ways. Hope bank balance survives the first world. Love to all xxx

  2. cranfield News

    Margaret & tony Glad to have you back with the blog and the lovely pictures in Sydney
    I new you would love it !! Try and go to the quay in the evening when the musicians jam .
    It’s a lovely atmosphere ! Love & hugs all round xx
    PS, re the tree It looks like a Palm i’m researching!

  3. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Enjoyed the tree puzzle. Think it’s the Wolleni Pine (but not a pine) aka wollenia nobilis aka the dinosaur tree. Dad had all his tree books out. I am afraid I cheated and looked up Sydney Botanical Gardens so I expect we will have to forgo our gold stars. xx

    • Just looked at the picture again and spotted the info board right there in the pic. So not much of a struggle with that one hay. Apparently it is super rare with only one known stand of ’em. Just shows that it pays to keep your eyes open on a walk.

  4. renski

    hello yes seems like you won’t be there for long my mates ali and bob and their two children live in Sidney you could have looked them up if you had more time.They have been there for ever but I still miss them loads. I am in an internet cafe in greenwich and it is wet and cold still here if that is any constilation ( is that the right word dyslexic city here). Got angelas post cards so great to hear from you all. Isobelle is off to Nepal on the 11th March not long now! Otherwise not much going on here!
    usual work, sleep eat…
    love to you all ren x

    • Hi Ren,
      Any ideas where Isobelle is going in Nepal?

      • Hiya Longshanks – nice photo of you and Jacob. Sounds lovely – a ‘nautical Clara’ what more could you ask? Is that like Atlantis? Watch out for those fins if you are in the canoe! Missing you at Capheaton though.

        Mark and the Outters

      • The technology is not that advanced and no one is wearing a toga as far as I can see. Hope you are well, pleased to hear you are getting up to Capheaton, I would not fancy the weather. I started to wear a fleece as the temp dipped below 20.

  5. renski

    hey the photos didn’t come up at first look like a fantastic place brings back memories i lived in manley and had to get the ferry home when i lived there
    it look really fantastic very jealous as usual
    ren x

    • Hi Ren, I didn’t realise you lived in Sydney. We got the ferry from Manley to central quey. The bus took about an hour from Manley to Church point (Pitwater) and then a quick boat ride across to Scotland island. Yes, it was lovely to visit and I wish we had more time. Will have to go again.

  6. Jenny

    hi there, just catching up with your travels. Been getting lots of phone calls over past two days from you (this is a message from john Vyle…) but nothing gets recorded. Everything ok?

    • I don’t know what that would be Jen, hope you are not getting charged for it. Everything is fine here, a bit rainy but warmish. Hope the snow clears soon – april aproaches and so does the OSR – have fun.

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