Ha Long Bay 1 – 3rd Feb.

We have treated our selves to a bit of luxury and have boarded a junk for a tour around Ha Long bay. For those geologists amongst you; you could get very excited by the limestone casts. They form 1969 islands of various sizes. Drifting through these is totally awesome. We have had mixed weather, good sun but also mists that swirled around the islands just allowing a glance or an impression of the land. I wish I paid more attention in art class as the scene would have made wonderful watercolour pictures. I tried a pen sketch but by the time I had finished one part we had moved around to a new area. I will add it to my collection of unfinished pictures.

They being limestone islands of course there were some fantastic caves. We went into a massive system that ended in a stadium sized cave. It was lit by many lights so you could see the size of it. There were huge stalactites and stalagmites. In typhoon season the families of the fishermen sometimes have to shelter in the caves. The fishermen and their families live on the water, I would say house boats but that would give the wrong impression, they live in houses floating on the water. We passed a full-sized village, with a shop and a bank!

We spent the night on the Boat for one night and are now on the largest Island called Cat Ba.


7 thoughts on “Ha Long Bay 1 – 3rd Feb.

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    It all sounds great. The floating houses reminds me of the floating reed islands on Lake Titicaca which even had a school on one of them. The children – even toddlers – were running around with no barriers between them and the water. Yet agin – what an experience! Enjoy yourselves. love mum and dad xxxxx

  2. cranfield News

    Mum & Dad (Cranfield)
    these photo’s are awesome !! Your heads must be spinning with all these experiences
    . Wish we could enjoy them with you but getting your feed back is the next best thing xxx
    Love Mum & Dad xx

  3. Anne Dooley NMPS

    Looks like you are still having fabulous time.
    Happy Chinese New Year!
    Anne Dooley and Year 3

    • Hi Mrs. Dooley and Year 3,
      We are in Vietnam, they call the new year Tet. It is at the same time as Chinese new year. The street decorations are similar to our christmas lights, with the addition of thousands of red lanterns strung out along the road. People here seem to have orange trees or cherry trees instead of christmas trees. Every thing is transported by moped; it is quite bizzare to see a tree go down the road on the back of a bike, some are over 2m in height!
      We are going to leave before the actual new year – on to Laos where they don’t celebrate the new year as much. Like our christmas, the new year is celebrated by visiting family. Everything shuts for 3 days, more in the villages so we are keen not to get caught.
      All the best to you all

  4. Nguyen Hoang Long

    great photos John. All the best to you all

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