Hanoi 29th – 4th Feb.

Another over night train and here we are  in the cool capital of Viet Nam. We tried to see the stuffed body of Uncle Ho but apparently he gets a polish Tuesday afternoons so maybe tomorrow. Actually the kids were not that keen after they found out what embalmed meant.

Still liking the street food , they cook stuff with the heads on so you can see what meat it is, I am so happy as we saw our first roasted dog. It is quite a surprise, especially as just down the road was a shop selling coats for pampered pooches.

Went out to see water puppets last night. Spent the first 10 minutes trying to work out how the guy could hold his breathe for that long. I only later realised the puppets were on poles opperated from behind a screen – der. Here is a link to youtube so you can get a sense of what we saw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AftYN3-dbtg

On our way out of the city, it is damp and cool and I have a streaming cold. We left our warm kit in Bangkok so I hope it does not get much cooler as we go into the interior for our overland epic.


10 thoughts on “Hanoi 29th – 4th Feb.

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Why is it so shocking to hear about eating dog when we eat cows etc. It must be conditioning – my first reaction was horror. there has been a fuss here as horse meat has been found in Tesco burgers. there’s more to the issue than eating horses (ie how come they and the public didn’t know!!!) but the focus has been on the shock of horses as meat to eat. Would love to see pic of Louise in her new pink glasses.
    Enjoy the “frozen North” How cold actually is it in Hanoi?

    • Did you get the bit where they leave the head on to show you what you are eating? It was seeing the cute little doggy face. I first guest they were dogs from the tail. All this sort of put me off the idea. Jacob said he would try, the dog was cooked a la suckling pig style so looked good – there you go just goes to show how shallow I can be.

  2. Joanne Hogarth

    Are you going to try the roasted dog? when in Rome and all that…….

  3. Joanne Hogarth

    mmmm sounds tasty!!!

  4. Nguyen Hoang Long

    so you are in the north now, it’s cold, isn’t it? these days I am very busy to following your journey on the web ^^, enjoy your time! say hello to Louise and Jacob and Angela!

  5. cranfield News

    It’s distressing for us to see animals that we keep as pets being eaten but then we eat cows We couldn’t or watch it being cooked ,especially if it still had it’s head I don’t know if I could eat horse meat now but I know I ate it during the war but at the time didn’t know what I was eating .
    Did Jacob try it ? If he did what was it like?
    Mum & Dad xx

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