Utah – 24th ish

Well the Grand Canyon is in Arizona but it all gets very messy if I add a pagelet for that. It was confusing enough for me any way, what with Arizona being in one time zone but not using day light saving but the Indian reservations using it. Managed to turn up an hour early, but the kids thought it was great since we only got to hike down a short way into the Canyon.

The children did the junior ranger scheme at the Grand Canyon, and had a great time doing it. We even got to discover that Ponderosa  Pines smell of chocolate.

Utah could join that ever growing list of places that we’d like to come back to. I would have loved to have hiked all the way down to the canyon floor but with a mile of drop I thought the drop would have killed the kids, especially carrying our overnight stuff. Much as I try and lighten our load they keep on adding stuff that they think they really need, then I have to carry it on the up hill bits. A mile of up hill with flipping essential soft toys might have tried my paternal feelings.

On to Bryce and then meeting people that have offered us a place to stay though Couch Surfing. They have been very patient since I first thought we would be with them at the start of June – 3 weeks later.

Oh; do you see the smoke on the far edge of the canyon rim – massive forest fires were happening in Arizona at the time.

Check out the wild life we got to see

More pics to come as I have some of Red Canyon and Bryce Canyon. We also visited our first Couch Surfing hosts. We spent a weekend just south of Salt Lake City. I thought the family we were to stay with owned a farm as they kept a cow. It was in their back yard – mind it was a big back yard, but if they could do it …… Ow Angela has just read this and she is strongly against the idea of getting a cow.

We were very happy with the whole Couch Surfing deal. I hope that we can do some hosting when we return. I did try before we left but for some reason  the 20 something nurse who lived in the centre of town seemed to get all the requests. Maybe I should change my profile picture.


2 thoughts on “Utah – 24th ish

  1. The Cheltenham Armchair Travellers

    Utah – Arizona – the pics are great anyway and you obviously had a great time.

  2. cranfield News

    John So pleased you are enjoying the joys of parenthood !! Long may it continue. Once again very
    impressed with the photos Glad the kids had a good time surveying the area
    Love to all M&D(E) xxxx

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