Cambodia 23rd Dec. – 19th Jan.

So we moved on from our paradise island. We were in serious trouble as we were turning into a family of lotus eaters – pleasant as that can be. I mean a beach hut on a tropical island. What could drive us on?

We were all looking forward to visiting our friends. (Maybe the younger members of the family had more mercenary motives.) Just the border to cross.

I had read the lit., so thought I would be prepared for the scams and blatant corruption evident. They are just so in your face. The medical certificate that you HAVE TO HAVE (not) is right by the real customs house. I had a torch shone in my mouth before I realised that I was about to be scammed. I walked away pleased to have avoided the first obstacle. It was sweltering, sitting amongst the palms were various groups of travellers, maybe just relaxing.

I presented the passport along with the $80 visa fee, I had done my reading. I was met with a blank stare. “More money!” the official demanded. No sly slips of note inside the passport. I retreated. Angela informed me that the wait time was past two hours. Hmmm. I entered the fray again and asked if I could pay for the express service. We talked around for a bit and settled on a mixture of Baht and $. Now I don’t know if I paid over the odds ($25) but we were through in 15 minutes. I am sure I will have to pay for my sins later but somehow it seemed worth it. I guess if I had been waiting 2 hours I would not have been very happy.

We avoided the ATM scam the taxi driver wanted us to use. According to him all other ATMs would be shut since the king had just died. Strangely that did not seem to be true when we got to our hotel. It must have been a translation thing, what is quite hard is the use of dollars. Angela was given money in dollars at the ATM. They are accepted everywhere, with change given back in either dollars or reil, often a mixture of the two. Pleased I have a calculator.

On to Phnom Penh.

I loved the noodles, Angela might have found the spice a tad too much

I loved the noodles, Angela might have found the spice a tad too much


I am yet to be convinced that chicken feet are worth the effort. Like celery; they surely take more energy to eat than they give.

And now at the opposite end of the country we leave for Vietnam. Out of the beaches and into the swirl and busy busy of Siagon. We have had mixed reports about what it is like. We’re hoping for super dooper…..


12 thoughts on “Cambodia 23rd Dec. – 19th Jan.

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Happy Christmas Fambul
    love Mum and Dad

  2. Sian Atkinson

    Hi Vyle-Ellinses, it’s Christmas Eve and raining again here in Clara Vale. We are thinking of you over the other side of the world as we make our nut roast and hang up our stockings. Hope you have a good Christmas, whatever you are doing!
    Love from Sian, Don, Hazel and Rory xxx

    • Hi all,
      Yeh Santa has found our room in Cambodia, and filled our walking socks with various things and goodies. I just past a stall that was selling the biggest spiders I have seen. They were cooked and ready to eat, I thought it would make a good change to Christmas fare. Somehow I got talked out of it and we ended up eating Pizzas. I will work on Jacob as he did say he would like to try all the unusual food that he could, I must admit to not being that keen.
      I hope Don has got a winter hike sorted. I quite fancy the southern upland, or around Yetholm (is it two words). I am afraid Atkinson family that I could dive into a full blown kit talk with your dad at the moment, hold your breath – you’ve been saved by the arrival of a lovely coffee; no I can not type and drink at the same time – it must be a multi tasking thing.
      All the best – and have a great new year
      John, Angela, Jacob (reading) and Louise (playing in the pool)

      • Sian Atkinson

        No winter hike as yet – Don might have to go solo if he wants to do one. But Rich instigated a Boxing Day two bridges run around the riverside, which the Atkinson family joined and completed en masse (Rory on bike). Hazel is very pleased with herself. Still windy and rainy here.
        A bit envious of you with a pool to play in!

  3. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Wishing you all a happy Christmas. We are all thinking of you

  4. renski

    hello from wet London wish I was there but my turn to work this year
    Sam is here with the children and on the wine having a nice weekend
    But also wished i had made it out there… maybe another time
    hope you are all having a fantastic time looks like you are we are just about to sit down to a lovely roast dinner and chilling out.
    would love to see a photo of Nicole and Tia and John ( seen the photo of John already
    Know you all will have a fab time
    love Renee Sam Ella and Kai xxxx

  5. John says he is too busy having a beer to reply just yet. Off to try some crab – hmmm.

  6. cranfield News

    Hi all ,so glad Father Christmas arrived !! We wish we could have joined you all ! But it was lovely to talk to you on Skype . Have a GREAT NEW YEAR .We are thinking of you all and wish we could be on this great adventure with you xxx
    Love always Mum and Dad xxx

  7. Tin

    Happy New Year Angela and family! Glad Santa got to Cambodia too. Poor Louise, that chicken feet looks like it needed another 3 hours of cooking. Don’t be put off though, the chicken feet that Roy loves to eat in Penang and at Yauatcha in London, fall off the bone and is scrumptious. Following your adventure with interest and wishing we were there too!

  8. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Happy new year you intrepid travellers. We are following your adventures avidly. Snow is expected here It will be a welcome change from the rain.

  9. charlotte

    OMG you have been away sooooooooooooooo long miss yoooooooou xxx šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ ?! Lol

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