A family trip around the world – why? I am not so sure, how about St. Augustine …..

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

Just hope everyone can read.

One for Louise;

“Life is full of uncertainties – eat pudding first.” From a menu card in Pokhara. Guess it is as good a metaphor as any for what we are up to.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hope you all ready – last days of civilisation.

  2. have a REALLY good time enjoy!

    • Thankyou Charlotte, we are off on a walk in the jungle today, we have had a saftey talk. We are to run in zig zag lines away from rhinos, and through down a shirt. If it is a tiger we are to climb a small tree. I am not sure if I want to see anything!
      Soon we will be at the hospital Angela (my wife) will be helping at, I want to see what the schools are like in Nepal. Lets get the class to have a chat on line and ask questions – that will take some working out. Have a word with Mr. Pickup and see what he says.

  3. Manoj kumar Chaudhary ( Journalist)

    i got your web address & i liked it , first of all i want to know what you feel about Terai’s Famous Festival naming CHHATH which you observed few days ago at Mahendranagar Leprosy Drama. your Family Photo is amazing & one of the good photograph which you enter at your site. This is the first time i am sending you this comment by me & by my country is just like Wonderful Pleasing. Finally I want to say you & your Family Please Don’t stop your Mission in Nepal which have started in School Facility at your site you said………

  4. Dominik

    Hey there,

    its me Dominik – do you remeber? Im home by now and its totally different, kinda weird to be home again after such a long time of travelling. Been home since 5 days and already missing the lifestyle of traveling! What a sad story!

    The main reason why I comment here, I forgot to ask for your email so that we can keep in touch. Its easier to communicate than on your website!

    Happy & safe travels & greets to everybody! (:


  5. Shona Nichols

    Hi guys! Let us know when you are going to be in Canada. We would love to connect with you. We are back in Canada and visiting family and friends on the West Coast right now.
    Shona, Darren, Alexander and Zoe.

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