Thailand 12th Dec – 23rd

Yeh we arrived. A sticky 30 degrees, apart from the shopping we might be making a sharp exit to the beach.


12 thoughts on “Thailand 12th Dec – 23rd

  1. tower52

    Love You Louise

  2. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Hope you enjoyed The Hobbit. I wonder if you will see where it was filmed in New Zealand. Enjoy the beach xxx love Grandma and Grandpa

    • Have not got around to it yet. I am not sure Jacob is as keen as me. He wants to see some cartoon or another. Maybe I will wait until we get to New Zealand, it is bound to be on their.

  3. isla roberts

    Dear Louise,

    November 23d

    I am so sorry that I havnt writen back in a long time.
    Iv been so busy, with christmas and everything that I just havnt got eney time.
    When I wrote this it was just two days till christmas, I am so exited.
    Tomorrow my family are going to see Milly and her family, for christmas eve, which will be also exiting.
    I would like a camera and a remote controled helecopter.
    My dad is still on the way to getting skype on the computer, since we are needing it more and more. Alot of people have been moving out, like Izzy, you and Anna and Bethen have moved to Devon because there mum wants to be closer to her Mum and Dad.
    But now I have got two weeks, of so that is good.

    Hope you can call me soon, and we can catch up,
    love from Islaxxx

    Dear All,

    Hope you have a great (hot) Christmas.
    Did you manage to smuggle the ’29er’ out for your stocking John?!

    Love and brussel sprouts

    Jo,Rich,Will and Isla

    • Hi Isla,
      I hope you get your camera and take some good pictures. Is there any snow where you are? We are in Cambodia now and meeting people for christmas. We spent a lot of time on a beach and I learnt how to snorkle. I jumped of the boat into the water. It was high up and scary. There were lots of fish you could feed from your hand. It was cool.
      I miss you and Milly. Love from Louise xoxxoxoxox

    • Dear Jo, Rich, Will and Isla,
      Well merry Christmas to you all. What was on your card this year Rich? We are on our way to Phnom Penh to catch up with some old VSO buddies for christams – well it is buddist here so they don’t have christmas as such but I am sure we will make do. – No sprouts though, which will be a relief.
      The 29er did role well, I may have to think of an excusse to get one, but it might have to be at the expense of the single speed or the Kona.
      Still clearing the chest from the gunk got in Kathmandu. I am killing the kids (apparently) by not allowing the A/c on. It is a bit stuffy. Have to get a fan in the room.
      I hope you all have a good christmas – don’t eat too much. Rich; are yo out on a festive walk?

      All the best from us here
      John, Angela, Jacob and Louise

  4. Gill Hale

    Hi John, Angela, Jacob and Louise

    Hope you have lovely Christmas.

    I lost all your contact details but I’ve managed to track you down by searching my e mail box – I got up early to put the turkey on (which may be an ostrich as it was one left over from Brian’s sister’s farm – it does seem very big and she does specialise in rare breeds).

    In terms of other news: you probably know that Louise next door has moved on. My new neighbours Jan & Lee have completed gutted Nat’s house, they have even taken the plaster off the walls. The application to build 14 houses on the pitbaths site has been turned down by the council but the developers are now appealing to the Secretary of State. It has been raining a lot in the UK with widesspread flooding but none in Clara. Also, it looks as though the Village will have to take responsibility for the Community Centre which will be challenge.

    I got a new puppy in July – same variety as Squeak

    I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blogs whilst trying to work out how to cook the turkey properly.

    Enjoy your day

    Gill (and Brian who is still in bed)

    • Hi, Jill.
      First things first – every one wants to know what your puppy is called. Okay Louise is desperate to know. According to louise we are going to set up a dogs home for the ‘lost dogs’ of the world. There don’t seem to be too many around Cambodia – could be a diet thing.
      I am pleased that Natalie finally got to sell the house. Was it to the people who seemed very interested before? Our house…. well Louise (not ours) has moved out but is still paying rent till Jan, or untill we can get someone else in. The agents when we first rented said that a 6 month contract was the norm and it would be difficult to get a 12 mounth one, it now appears that the situation has reversed and every one is looking for a longer contract.
      We think of home alot. All the best, I hope you can find some interesting ways of eating turkey!

  5. rich roberts

    Hi to you all.

    Bus travel sounds quite a challenge where you are, we don’t seem to have these difficulties going up to Crawcrook!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR.Latest diary entries sound v.good and look forward to seeing pickies.Returned from Christmas tour this week around midlands and N.West.Very rainy holiday but managed to get out runningx3 times and cycle out to Corbridge once.Thinking of relacing trainers with goretex waders as many runs getting close to swims!
    Return to work tomorrow and reality of plan do and review but at least no OFSTED this term.
    Welcome light returning now after shorteset day.No snow as yet.
    Bus travel sounds quite a challenge where you are, we don’t seem to have these difficulties going up to Crawcrook!

    Managed a festive beer expedition upo to the heights of Coalburns this week with assembled Clara/Crawcrook posse.V.good night with cross country route a shambles on return leg( Mallory and Sherpa Tensing were spotted in the mist) at 1 a..m we found the bypass road all complately lathered in mud, very amusing.
    Enjoy rest of time in Cambodia

    Safe travelling


    Dear Louise,

    Happy NeW YEAR I really miss u.
    I hope you had a great christmas, I got my camera and I love it to bits.
    Unfortunately we didnt have a white chrismas but I still got a new jymnastic leatard and a Harriers jumper that says my name on the sleeve, which I wear all the time.

    Lots of Love Islaxxx

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