Scotland Island – party central

Mandy celebrated her 50th birthday while we were with her. The day started with some friends bringing around breakfast consisting of 50 cupcakes and champagne. What a wonderful way to start the day. That set us up for some girly shopping in the afternoon where I was tempted to buy some beautiful purple sandals but sadly at $135 priced out of our travel budget.  Mandy told me that she hadn’t had time to arrange a party and instead a few friends were going out for a meal at a local restaurant. So we weren’t expecting a party but that is what Basil had arranged. The restaurant was just across the bay, just a 2 minute boat ride away. We arrived at the resturant (overlooking the bay) to find many guests circulating and enjoying themselves. Mandy’s son’s play in a jazz band (with James Morrison’s son’s) and we all enjoyed  their musical talents. It was a wonderful evening and one Mandy will no doubt remember for a long time. I hope John has got the idea of what I will be expecting come my 50th in June!

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One thought on “Scotland Island – party central

  1. Mum and Dad

    What a great time. Happy birthday Mandy

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