Kep 29th Dec. – 1st Jan

Paul eyeing up new markets and buisness opportunities

Paul eyeing up new markets and buisness opportunities

Well we managed to catch the bus out to Kep, and very nice it is too. We even persuaded John to leave phone (well it had broken) and his lap top back at the capital. Despite a rocky start – broken down car and a 2 hour wait for food we had a great time picnicking on Rabbit Island. Tropical waters, a well stocked ice box, bbq fish and massage tables – sort of made my day. Angela kept accusing me of picking the prettiest masseuses, but I assured her that it was her that had picked me, must be my eyes. There were some very cruel rumors that in fact I had a massage from a he not a she but nothing I would like to comment on.






3 thoughts on “Kep 29th Dec. – 1st Jan

  1. renski

    Happy New Year to you all…..
    Angela, John, Louise, Jacob, Paul, Caroline, John, Tia and Nicole
    May 2013 continue to be fantastic here’s to health happiness and continuing fantastic adventures
    looks like you are having a fantastic time
    Love the photos ren xxxx

  2. cranfield News

    Just found these photo’s (19th Jan) !!!
    Shows how poorly iv’e been You all looked great !
    We to hope that 2013 continues to be a fabulous year

    unfortunately it hasn’t been good for us so far !!Love always Mum and Dad xxx

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