Luang Prabang 12 – 15th Feb.

Luang Prabang

What an excursion. We arrived in Luang  Prabang at about 7 in the evening and whilst Angela got our stuff sorted and talked about the good and the bad of our trip I went out looking for accommodation. This has never been much of a problem before, but then I have never tried finding accommodation in a town at holiday time. It was Chinese new year and a lot of Chinese live in the town so the place was full to bursting. In the end I had to pay a tuk tuk driver a desperate amount to drive all over town and get us into a room. The room was tiny and we were paying way over the odds. I shared a single bed with Louise, next Angela had a mattress on the floor and then Jacob somehow managed to get a bed to himself. There was no more room left in the room but at least we had a place.

I think the stress of the trip and then the search for accommodation caught up with me as I was done in. Angela took Louise out and I read Salmon Rushdie’s Grimus, enough to muddle any one, no wonder I had a head ache.

We found a great pool, with slide and a couple of water inflatables so everyone was happy. I ploughed on with my book, but drunk plenty of water, and hay presto! – No head ache.

Honest we did look into visiting the water fall, doing cookery classes, learning how to weave or help monks to learn English but somehow the lure of coffee and nice croissants was too great. we booked a day bus to Vietenne and sat back and enjoyed the scenery.

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