The road to Vancouver

Trying desperately to get to Vancouver but Canada keeps on getting in the way. Took a 150km detour because the road looked pretty -oops. Then found a fantastic walk amongst some very high alpine meadows – see picture. By the time that we got down and had lunch, then discussed the chances of me entering a bike race (over ruled) it was 4pm and we had travelled …5km oh dear. It got better today we went at least 120km before we liked the look of the camp site by the river. Yep we have stopped again, in our defence the children had a great time swimming in Peachland Lake, then eating waffles at the farmers market and now are tubing down a river. Tomorrow we really will go further. I keep thinking we still have 2 days in which to get to Vancouver Island – plenty of time.

Nope still didn’t make it. Well Louise caught a trout that weighed in at just under the 2kg mark.  I was very impressed, a real rod bender. Then her friends joined in so that was another late start. We did travel through some more amazing Canadian country side that I wanted to get out to explore but we soldiered on ’till we found Hope. It was the place (for you non film buffs) where they filmed Rambo. It was just like the movie -duh. I then thought I would drive a bit more and managed 20 minutes where we found a water park. Since it was now getting on (oh way past 3) we thought we would stop for some fun. That just leaves an early start for the ‘morrow so that we can travel the 300km and  get on a ferry and ‘hello aunty Anne’ for afternoon tea. No worries.

I should have checked the map, we were a lot closer than I thought, only just over the 100km mark so we had a slow breakfast whilst the kids played in the pool. Then drove through a horrendous traffic system; all lights and no signs (well a couple of dodgy bits). There was no through road so it was a bit like driving to North Tyneside ferries through Byker. Well you could I guess but not through the Shields Rd. Mind there were some descent bike shops. Frustrations aside we arrived at the ferry terminal in plenty of time (1:55) to catch the 2pm ferry.

With snow to play with the kids were happy to walk.

With snow to play with the kids were happy to walk.

T-shirts and snow - great.

T-shirts and snow – great.

I think a Glacier Lilly, correct me if I am wrong.

I think a Glacier Lilly, correct me if I am wrong.

Hot work, I managed to get scorched by the high altitude sun.

Hot work, I managed to get scorched by the high altitude sun.

Columbia mtns, fab.

Columbia mtns, fab.


3 thoughts on “The road to Vancouver

  1. The Cheltenham Armchair Travellers

    Good luck! Why not warn today that you may be late? Enjoy your day. The trout sounded good Louise. 2 kg! We are impressed.

  2. K J

    Wow, you sound like you are having an amazing time. The horse riding looks like it suits you all. It sounds like a hefty investment on your return home. Maybe you can rent horses?

    Happy Birthday Louise. Hope you had a great day. Maybe we can celebrate with a giant slice of cake when we see you (I hope you still like cake).

    Journey safely and we’ll see you all soon.

    Hugs from

    The ‘Room on the Broom’ Clan

    • Not sure that anything will amount to it. I am sure that a mountain bike is cheaper in the long run. Yes Louise still likes cake, yummy. From the ‘whale and the snail’ clan.

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