Jodhpur 11 – 14 Sept.

Just arrived to another down pour. Even the guest house owner was startled by the ferocity of the rain.

Much to Jacobs dismay there is no TV in our room, what we have is oddles of Rajasthan character; stone lattice-work, shutters etc.

Argh, lost a load of writing so … Welcome to Jodhpur

I enjoyed the omelette man’s way with an egg, not sure the children were as keen

The Forth fort and tensions grew in the family. Surely the children must understand that all this history must be explored.

How can anyone not enjoy the hour-long talk on Rajput royal lineage?


3 thoughts on “Jodhpur 11 – 14 Sept.

  1. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Fascinating! I’m with you Angela, Jacob and Louise!

  2. Does the Rajput Royal lineage talk involve your usual tales of daring doo?

  3. I had harems and eunichs – again. Maybe you really can have too much, perhaps not the eunichs but certainly the harem.

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