Nepal 2nd Oct. – 12th Dec

Here we are on the very far western border. We have already had a rice sack unloaded on Jacob, a drunk rickshaw driver demanding more money and trying to catch a bus from the wrong bus stand. I bet everything looks better in the morning. I hope we can book onward travel and a saffari in a nature park tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Nepal 2nd Oct. – 12th Dec

  1. Little sis and family

    Wow that sounds like a really adventure xx

    • Jill and Chris Vyle

      Poor Jacob – I hope it has not put you off rice! xxxxx

  2. Managed to convince mum to have a day reading Hunger Games – so not to badly of then. Of to see grass move and pretend we’ve spotted a dear. Yep on Saffari today but the grass is 1.5m + high so not sure what we’ll see.

  3. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Enjoy – all of you xxx

  4. rich roberts

    hope u are having a great time
    miss you louise ,looks great fun!
    dont get eaten by the tigers
    hope you bring back lots of stories to tell and a camel!
    love from Islaxxxooo

  5. Hi John,louise,jacob and angela how are you doing on your trip around the world and were are you now bye

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