So. Cal. 16th – 23rd May

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have spent a fab few days with Angela’s cousin, Kathy. She has certainly looked after us well. She is a very high up chief in Legoland and so got us tickets for all the attached parks; Legoland, Sealife and the water park. What is more cultural than a theme park? How about a golf tournament in La Costa (am I getting mixed up with Augusta in terms of golf courses?).
It was my first corporate event and very good it was too. I can endorse the Goose Vodka, mixed into a cocktail, Hooters chicken wings are very good the golf wasn’t bad either – a 15m putt to give ya man from Heart to Heart a birdie on the 18th. The ball looked way off target, then smoothly rolled round, to lots of cheering, to plop into the hole – seemed a good reason to celebrate with another Goose Vodka cocktail and Hooters wings.

And into LA for a dose of celeb. spotting and staring at some ridiculously over large houses, in the words of Shrek; ‘I think someone might be trying to overcompensate for something’. Sly Stallone had a house easily as big as my whole street. All this was again provided by cousin Kathy and her high placed friends – thankyou Colin 🙂 .

Next day we visited Universal Studios. Great fun and I past it off as a lesson in geography / history all packaged in a studio tour. Louise loved the performing animals and Jacob liked the rides. I thought the whole thing was pretty good but could not help look at their attractions and think about their through put, I spent a good while chatting with Kathy so am now qualified as a pub expert. For Kathy: We got on all the rides with the perchase of a front of line pass, we felt it was worth it and unversal studios could put us down at 6.5 rides each. (The average was reduced as Louise did not manage the whole trip through haunted house and Angela lost her lunch in the Mummy ride).


8 thoughts on “So. Cal. 16th – 23rd May

  1. Jenny

    Living the high life now; chicken wings and Corporate events indeed! See you made some new friends John………

    Good to catch up with you on your travels; still waiting for Spring over here!

    • I have developed an aversion to so many people, all of whom want to wish me a good day – rrrr. Jen could you go ahead with the gardening and we’ll sort out payment when we get back, thanks.

  2. cranfield News

    Great pictures. You’re such HAMS!!! But then it takes one to know one!!
    So glad you all had a great time with Kathy.

  3. Jenny

    Will do.

  4. renski

    hey you all’ look like you are having a fab time love the photo’s with all the stars especially Louise with Prseident Obama and Daniel Craig …..he didn’t look as keen as Anglea, and John with the cheer leaders not sure if they were wax but….maybe there was some additions! John you make a great Clint!
    Jacob loved the photo with Jackie Chan, but the one with Justin Bieber I think you look more handsome! The spring has arrived here and we have had a sunny bank holiday and I have been trying to grapple with my garden all a new experience for me. Love to you all Renee xx

    • Those cheer leaders just happened to be surving some very tasty wings and insisted on a photo. Lukily Angela was too into the 19th hole to notice what I was up to.

  5. maddison

    I hoped you al loved America so far!!!! -maddi

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