Muang Khua 6 – 7th Feb.

Our entry to Laos could not have been more scenic, across jungle strown mountains, winding our way up and over passes from brilliant blue to misty valleys. Jumpers on jumpers off complained Jacob.
Our bus started at 5:30am, but did not leave ’till 6:30, we were cold and board. The journey was meant to take 6 hours but with the increasing number of stops we did not arrive untill 2:30pm. The last hour was the most cramped. I quite enjoyed the ride though as the bus got so crowded I offered to share my seat with a young lady. She mis-understood my meaning and promptly sat on my lap. Jacob and Louise were aghast, O just grinned and Angela took pictures.
Muang Khua is a small town split by the Nam Ou. We crossed a very long (100m +) suspension bridge to get to our guest house. Squirling fans mosquito nets and bamboo verandas, just cried out for the long iced sundowner overlooking the river.
The town has just started to offer trekking and home stays into the hill country of the Hmong peoples. We had shared the bus with a few of these distinctive people. The women wear embroiderd head-gear with lots of silver coins on them, they take great pride in their black teeth. Ok you can say I stero type, but the people dressed to travel in their best, and their best was ‘national’ dress. Equivalent of wearing tartan to a Scottish wedding. We could not go – because of time factors.
The next day, fed up of bus travel we got on a slow boat down the river to the next town – 6 hours away.

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One thought on “Muang Khua 6 – 7th Feb.

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Glad to hear news of you again. Bus journey sounds amazing. Not sure about the lap sitter! Look forward to hearing about the slow boat. and the next town
    love M and D

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