Agra 6 – 8 Sept.

We now have about a thousand photos of the Taj Mahal, and yet not one of them beats a post card. It is beautiful.

Both Angela and I enjoyed the walk around, I am not so sure about the children enjoying the 6 o’clock start. Done to avoid the heat.

Had my first taste of employing someone. I don’t think I will make a captain of industry as we knowingly grossly over paid the rickshaw guys as we felt so guilty over the amount of sweat they poured out ferrying us about.

How ever when sweated labour is hidden I will willingly exploit so we have bought a carpet! How does that work then?

Some how every one conspired against me to buy the carpet.

Lazy day in Agra


7 thoughts on “Agra 6 – 8 Sept.

  1. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Hi intrepid travellers. Great to see the pictures. The 3 of you look very well. Like the yoga pose Louise! Glad you are still using the technology Jacob. love Gma and Gpa

  2. Joshua

    Looks great its not fair you got to see the Taj Mahal first I alwaaaaaays wanted to go there. I am stuck in school hope you enjoy the rest of India. Can you please bring me back some curry.

  3. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Love the scarlet nails Louise. Mind those crazy rickshaws! Gma xxxxxx
    Amazing surroundings. Where next? Gpa xxxxxx

  4. Julie

    Lovely photo of you at Taj. We are all enjoying following your trip online.

  5. Hi louise it looks like you are having a good time.
    milly outterside

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