Vancouver Island 23rd- 29th July

Yet another place that we are going to have to come back too and this after just seeing the city of Victoria. Why so cool? The views. The Olympic peninsular rises above the sound, all full of snowy capped mountains in a bright blue sky.  I would really have liked to get out to the west side of the island, a rugged very remote coastal path ribbons the south west of the island. It is meant to be fun to do, you need ladders and tide tables to complete it. Next time.

We are I am afraid terrible guests, getting quite obsessed by returning home so whilst we are enjoying ourselves here with trips out and being treated to meals in restaurants we have been fretting over departures and the logistics of car return. We are well into the teens of plan options.

I managed to convince Louise to accompany me to Miniature Land, a diorama attraction with models of famous battles. I think I would like to do another one at school, I wonder if I could link it to the Belgium trip. Maybe I could do a less blood thirsty one, the steel works down on the Tyne. I found Miniature land full of ideas that I would be able to use.

Angela got to take Jacob to the bug zoo. Somehow Jacob got his mum to hold huge tarantula spiders and large scorpions. He tried to reassure her that they were not too poisonous, I am not sure how reassured she was.

This morning we say good bye to Victoria (Angela would have liked more time and money for a shopping trip) are we are off to Nanaimo for a bath tub race in the bay and to visit my other cousins.


5 thoughts on “Vancouver Island 23rd- 29th July

  1. The Cheltenham Armchair Travellers

    It’s very understandable that you are beginning to focus on home. All part of the settling back process I would think.
    Can’t believe you didn’t get to the best thrift store I have ever been in Angela. You will just have to go back
    Once you have decided on your returning car plan and the times you need ti be A or B, I reckon you should be able to put it to the back of your minds and enjoy your time with Carol et al.

  2. Angela is off on Seattle now while I sit in a city camp site counting the coins – roll on Sunday

  3. The Cheltenham Armchair Travellers

    Hope car return goes smoothly and your coin counting is not too painful. Will be with you all the way (in thoughts) on the flights home
    love Mum and Dad

  4. cranfield News

    We know Angela got to Seattle safely. We hope she gets back to the rest of the family without any
    trouble. .. Enjoy your final few days in Vancouver and have a safe journey home.(with all you have
    to carry,you’ll all be bandy!!!l )

    Love Mum and Dad xxxx
    Nana & Grandad xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Tin

    It wasn’t that long ago when Angela was telling me about the world trip in the dining room at work. The year has certainly flown by. Thank you for sharing your stories and wonderful photos. I wouldn’t worry too much about the weather forecast. It’s been raining cats and dogs elsewhere but remained dry here on most of the days when showers were forecast. Safe journey home.

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