Chitwan National Park 26th Oct.

Isn’t strange how just a couple of things can change one’s perception of a place. Maybe the initial thought about a place was not too far out, but the way that one views it may change. I have to admit to such a change.

Chitwan is not ever going to be my favourite place. It is just too commercial, eateries with the same menus, the Tibetan shop I swear was in Pokhara and bunch of tourists (me) all looking for wildlife of some sort.

Off  we went on a 6:15 start in the hope to see rhinos. What we saw was a lot of other jeeps, and not a lot else. When the local cycle to work crew went past a 8 I had a good idea that wildlife was not going to be too evident. I started to compare the safari to what the park was like in the west, Shantiphanta, or some such. There were no huge prints, quite spots or even that much of a jungly atmosphere. What changed?

disappointed we returned to the guest house for breakfast. We told the proprietor of our lack of sightings. He said that he would take us to where the elephants have their wash after a mornings work. It was fantastic. Jacob got to ride on the elephant, next thing we knew Jacob was in the water with elephant. They both had a great time. Do elephants smile?

There was the change; good vibes all around, so now we are off again, this time on a walking safari. The guide said that since we have children he would bring a gun. I get to feel like that too,  but not so much with other people’s children!

What a great time they had, I don’t know who was the cleaner afterwards.

It is Dashian – a Hindu festival and holiday time. The schools are closed for a month, everyone is looking good, even the dogs.


4 thoughts on “Chitwan National Park 26th Oct.

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Wow Jacob! We are very impressed.
    Gma and Gpa xx

  2. Chris and Jill Vyle

    love the video

  3. Jenny

    Hi All!
    Fantastic to hear from you this morning, came straight onto the site and have spent the last hour catching up with your adventures. Am absolutely blown away by the photos, videos and comments you’ve posted…….so, so SO impressed by it all and still haven’t seen/read everything yet!!
    Looking forward to spending more time catching up

    • Hi Jen,
      Thanks. It was funny hearing the boys talking. I teased Jacob about the wonderful animals he described to Jake – Ants! Bit like me going on about bees instead of the rhino and all. Pleased you did so well with the honey. I am sad enough to be thinking of making a bee page on the blog. I have videos of some un-vieled bee keeping, very riske I am sure you’ll agree.

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