Seti river ride 24th – 26th Oct

What a great way to travel. Instead  of an eight hour trip in cramped bus, we got to spend 2 days travelling down the Seti river. The river cut a steep ravine through the sort of scenery that you get to watch on the Nature Channel. Remote farmsteads were perched percariously on the hillside, with insane terraces making a living just about tenable. Every hour or so a long suspension footbridge crossed the river to be met on one side or an other by a small collection of houses. Travel between these villages must have been a trial of endurance an induanuity for finding a path in the vertigenous cliffs. Anyway enough of verbosity, lets see how the photos are uploading, and I’ll try and get a couple of video clips.

Having a quite moment before more white water action.

A great camp, with no pretentions to light weight camping. It was camping in style, with fire, fireflys and even a shooting star.

We again met up with a family, from Norfolk, or was it Cambridge? We saw them walk the same Trek as us, chatted then passed on. Having peers greatly helped Louise conquer those boat fears she has had in the past

This similar to where we camped, only we had more sand.


7 thoughts on “Seti river ride 24th – 26th Oct

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Wow. Love the idea of camping in style. Stunning scenery xxx

  2. cranfield News

    Mum & Dad
    Impressed with Louise’s casual approach with her legs dangling over the front of the boat,
    was she acting captain? Scenery very impressive.

    • Louise was definately the caption! We had a great time rafting and Louise can now handle 3+ rapids. I’m now keen to do a beginners course in Kayaking! Maybe later on before we leave Nepal. We are now in Chitwan National Park for a few days. Unfortunately so is everyone else! We may come back after my volunteering as it’s so busy (National holiday here in Nepal). Hope you are all OK. Will try to contact Chris on his birthday but internet connection not great here.

  3. isla roberts

    Hi Louise,
    it looks like u are having great fun with all the exiting things u are doing.We have been having a great time as-well, it snowed a little plus I went to Broomly Grange and did tons of fun stuff.We are all missing u allot and hoping that you will bring lots of great stories home with u. Surprisingly school is really great now i have got Mrs Meckena for my teacher, she is the nicest teacher on planet earth but some of the work can be a tad hard.

    hope you reply back so i can hear all the latest gossip!

    love Islaxxx

    • Dear Isla,
      Mrs. Meckena is a very very very good teacher to me, I would like to have her if I was not away. I have just had my hair cut it cost 50 rupees which is less than 40p. I bought some hair clips too. Today Jacob rode an elephant and washed it. It sprayed water everywhere. I am looking for rhinos tomorrow.
      Love Louise. xxx

  4. tower52

    Hello This Is Andrew Hope You Are All Well

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