Sunrise Academy

The schools are back after their long break; 4 weeks for the Diwali festivals. There has been lots of fun and feasts, but I must admit I am very pleased to get into a classroom. I spent the morning in the equivalent of ks1. Children here are put into classes according to ability so the ages range from 5 to 7. Whilst the academic ability might be similar you can imagine that there is a big difference between the older ones and the younger children in the way that they can cope with ‘greet big’ teacher coming into see them. We did get some work done, I was quite happy. Here are some pictures, if you want to write back to any one, see if you can include some pictures. You could e-mail them put them on your own site.



2 thoughts on “Sunrise Academy

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Great to see the pics and vids John. Are Jacob and Louise in school?

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