Shuklaphanta Park 4th Oct

Wow. Surprised by how exciting a non animal safari park could be. We spent from 10 to 6 not seeing any animals and yet I was captivated for the whole time. Manly due to a very good guide. What would have been us just bumbling about turned into quite an adventure. We nearly did not get the guide due to a sudden doubling in the ticket price. We ummed and arred about whether we should go in, in the end the ticket chap let Louise in for free. Deciding that we had already spent a lot we may as well spend some more. Then we bargined to reduce the price of the guide. All this to-ing and froing does grind you down a some what. (I don’t think I’d do well on The Apprentice.)

We got to see some different sorts of deer, I have some interesting photos of some deer behinds. By the time we stopped the deer had ran. The grass was above my head, just imagine the last scenes in the Jungle book where the tiger faces fire – you’d have a good image of what it was like out there. The guide – one Randypin Raj Supta – started spotting tracks. He was able to weave a good story aroound how this animal had been doing this or that, it kept me amused. Just at dusk when we were leaving the park the Jeep screached to a hault and the guide ushered us out. There in the sandy road were fresh tiger prints. We (Jacob, RRS and I) followed  the tracks of into the forest. I found that I was holding my breath more as we walked into the growing gloom of the forest. We stopped at the edge of a tall grass stand, better sense overcoming us all.

The tiger was about 150cm between front and back paw print. This is the back paw.

We returned to a scowling Angela. Now, whether it was just hokum or not I could see the tracks, fresh or not. I was properly fired up and it ended the day well for us.

Not your usual deer warning.


3 thoughts on “Shuklaphanta Park 4th Oct

  1. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Didn’t realise that David Attenborough was with you. It all sounds very exciting

  2. I even have a monkey shot too.

  3. Little sis and family

    That paw print was huge how exciting! -not sure i would have braved looking into the grass its a good video you can almost sense it is there – you just need to add sone intense music and look out speilberg!
    Hayden says hello. I am off to swimming lessons today I can swim on my front. Did you give the tiger in the grass a name? Speak soon love Hayden xx

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