Delhi 3 – 6 Sept

Gosh, how busy can busy be. We are trying to avoid the palaver. Maybe we should have spent more time in Crawcrook to acclimatize to the busy metropolitan life.

Delhi – the city that never sleeps, except after 10pm when nothing I found was open. Mind you everyone is busy again at 5 the next morning going by the noise of the traffic.

This time around I am having much more fun. I still haven’t convinced Louise to go on any rickshaw, motor or cycle. I have had to walk miles whilst Angela and Jacob scoot about all over the place. I have been on the metro – mainly because it is air conditioned. It is ultra modern, something Colin should note.

Off to the Taj to see what all those curry houses are named after. First time on a train. Oh and this is written on our new note book. Need to upload those pics now so I can really bore you all. Lots of smiles to you all.


5 thoughts on “Delhi 3 – 6 Sept

  1. Hope you have packed enough socks for the sub-continent!

  2. How you all doing? What was flights like? Did you enjoy your night in Dehli? Are the kids fine. What is the weather like?

  3. Rebecca parkin

    Hi WOW looks lovely were You are hope You are having a Good time 😜

  4. aimee logan

    hi whats it like out there?hope yous enjoy the rest of your trip

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