Mussorie 24th – 28th Sept

What a journey; all the way from Jaisalmer to Massorie. Why? After a fitfull sleep on the train, we arrived to a swealtering Delhi. I guess it was not too hot in terms of temperatures that it can reach (probably  in the 30s), but the added humidity was  just – yuk!

I booked another train out, to the hill station Massorie.  Apparently the ‘queen of hill stations’, according to Raj sources.  The views are meant to be stunning with walks around the forest that are resonably accessable. Trouble is we can’t see too much because of the very low cloud, or is it our altitude? It is cooler, I am not melting, I could even use my fleece again.

I think a rest and wash, before we venture out into the mist, 2 nights on the train have kind of left there mark. I can almost feel the diesel vapour on my skin. It will be interesting  to see if change back to  light bronze as apposed to the walnut I am now. Any pictures that present themselves through the mist I will duly post.

Interesting times in Mussorrie. What could we be still doing here? I thought we’d be gone to visit the mahraishi long since but no here we are still in the honeymoon capital enjoying the cool weather. Truth is I’ve been stuck by a fear of stepping more than 10 paces away from the rest room, any further and I’d be going way over budget with the laundry bill. I got to watch 20twenty world cup cricket and Angela got to go to yet another  must see destination. I think I might have got the better deal.

Not interseting enough yet how about the James Bond spider incedent? Last night there I was feeling sorrry for myself, reading the books on the notebook. (My kindle appears to have been leant on by a camel.) I look over to my shoulder and there was this HUGE spider , (think big then add a couple more centimtres)  making it’s way towards my face. Was it Moonraker when Bond encounters spiders, carefully placed upon his love nest as he sleeps? So I turn around and just like Bond calmly got up and flicked the spider off. Unfortunaly unlike the spy my spider hung on a bit more tanaciously than his did. I start to do a little jig to try and displace it when next thing Bamb I am hit by a bolster that neally takes me off my feet. The spider jumps free and I look up to see Angela, over stuffed pillow in hand, wide eyed, screeching at me to see where the spider is. Of course the spider has gone, not spotted again untill Angela is using the toilet. More hullabaloo and yet again Houdini the spider escapes. I am told to lock the bathroom door (?) so it can’t come in. I think Bonds lady friend might have been bitten by the spider, or was that the poison down the string?

 Hope tonight is less interesting.

Up Gun Hill.

Not seen these big boys for a while. Actually they are only just 3500m – the same as Leh.


3 thoughts on “Mussorie 24th – 28th Sept

  1. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Mussoorie looks amazing in the guide book. Have been reading about the water falls the views the forest the electric trolley and the Camel Back Road. i just hope the cloud disperses so that you can see them.
    Delhi and the train journeys sound horrendous. I looked up the weather in Delhi and it was 29 and humidity was 58%
    Hope the rest and wash did their job and you all are now feeling better. Oh yes I see you can go horse riding there – wonder if Louise will go
    love from us both

  2. Yes we visited the waterfall, a bit of restrictive planning would have improved the place. You could just about make out the falls, but the fibre glass dinosaurs some what obscued the view. The kids loved it. The amount of plastic tat available is astonishing. I Still haven’t found out the way to spell mussorrie – but it was nice. We had a cooling time.

  3. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Hope you are better John -recovered from the stomach upset, spiders and plastic tat. xxx

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