Noong Khiaw 7 – 9th Feb

Share and share alike say I, so Angela had the joy of a long boat trip and my cold to keep her company. Not being wise to the way of the ferry man we got on the first boat; the one with boards across the keel instead of the one with airline seats, wish i had eaten more cake, cos that seat was hard! Only mitigating factor was the unbelievable scenery, Those limestone karstes ( I will find the correct spelling soon) that we saw in Ha Long bay were around us making a fantastic ravine for us to chug down.
Another quiet little town with the river running through it. This time we dined on a platform over looking the river, being overlooked ourselves by huge limestone cliff faces. Angela retired to recover, Jacob downloaded a book and Louise and I went out to explore. A dangerous move since there were all these tour operators offering lots of fab stuff; Louise fancied the ‘learn to fish with nets’, I saw a rock climbing course, then a mountain biking day out but then we spotted a paddle down the river to our next destination – ooooh. Hay it’d be all down hill we’d just have to dip our paddle in to steer. I just had to get Angela on board and then we could leave within our time scale.
Angela was enjoying the A/C in our room and having a bit of quite time, I think she was getting a bit bored, so must have appreciated my concern to get some stuff booked. Jacob was on for a bit of paddling, I repeated the stuff about it all down hill – no hang on, down stream – that’s it. She asked how long. Now in previous excursions when some one says 3 days that often means a day to get there, 1 day of activity and then 1 day to get back. When I said 1 full day and a bit extra that is what I (almost) honestly thought. We booked for the 9th.
Whilst strolling around the town I met with a guy who in passing said he had built a sauna. We booked a visit for the afternoon. Louise and I spent the rest of the morning exploring caves used to escape the bombs dropped to disrupt the Ho Chi Minh trail.(This area is littered with UXB, making staying to the paths a must.) Apparently there was a character not to dissimilar to Col. Kirtz (from the film) who had oppereated in this area using the Hmong as his agents of destruction.
The sauna was pretty good, I now have extra ideas for the allotment, I wonder if I can get away with the under floor heating he had, if I claim the structure ontp is a tree house. Build it and see. What I did like was the addition of herbs to the water, it cleared everyone’s nose, chest and throat out a treat. Then the massage; given through clothes to ptotect our modesty. Since the clothes were made out of home spun, it was a bit like being rubbed with a sack clothe. Not quite the oil massage by svelte lovelies I was hoping for. We did all get a good sleep.

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  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    what an exciting trip!

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