New Zealand 5th Mar – 2nd May

Imagine the most glorious weather in Britain + a gentle breeze off the ocean some  Scottish like mountains in the background and you will have a feeling for what met us as we stepped off our flight from Sydney. Fantastic. Though today the weather is more of a damp squib.

We head up to a mountain called Somer for a 3 day easy tramp, using huts for the accommodation. We then move down to see some ancient fern forests and then meet our friends who used to live in Headly on the Hill – just outside of Prudhoe.

We managed to have our most expensive nights accomodation of the trip a massive NZ$67! that was for camping. The children have enjoyed themselves though as the place is like a camping Butlins – all the stuff like a pool, trampolines, T.V. rooms and internet access; hence the blog spot.

I keep on prognosticating over which lap top to buy, I wonder if we should wait to the states, it has to be cheaper than here. Though I will be comparing everything to Thailand so nothing is going to be a bargin.

Everyone is healthy and hearty, hope you are all getting over the winter with it’s intendant woes and can now look forward to spring.


2 thoughts on “New Zealand 5th Mar – 2nd May

  1. Mum and Dad

    Some luxurious campsite! Have a great time in New Zealand. Please give our love to Humphrey and Rose and family
    Enjoy your visit with your Geordie friends
    love M and D

  2. cranfield News

    Good to have you back on the blog waxing lyrical!! You paint an enviable picture especially as we are still in the grips of winter!! Looking forward to the latest pictures.
    love as always
    Mum& Dad “E”

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