Siem Reap 2nd – 6th Jan

Wow a world heritage site spread over an area the size of Newcastle. I am twitching with excitment. All that history oozing out of the pours of the rock. Not that much of it evident here in Siem Reap. The kids were arttracted to Pub Street a place I would like to avoid. We are off to find some kind of transport to get around the place. The children have found Cartoon Network on the TV; how can a thousand years of history compete with the stuff they turn out?

I have spent the last two days clambering over ruins, some in the jungle others more open and developed. The range of temples and palaces from the massive Ankor Wat to the overgrowen Ta Prohm it has been great.

The children have been less impressed, I think the heat got to them a bit, Louise was not allowed up some of the steaper climbs and, learning from India, I left Jacob alone. My frustration at not being able to engender the woop-de-doo factor in my children was partially mitigated by losing myself in the ruins.





5 thoughts on “Siem Reap 2nd – 6th Jan

  1. renski

    Have a fantastic time i have been there and done that and loved it don’t come over all laura crofts….ie tomb raider have a good time I am in grey wet Jersey but having a few restful days off work
    happy new year
    love ren xxx

  2. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Amazing images. love to you all xxx

  3. cranfield News

    Wonderful pictures, good camera work,
    .The Temples are like the ones we visited in India .We were so fascinated we have an album full of photo’s !!
    So glad Louise is better xx
    Love always Mum and Dad xxx

    • Hi Cranfield news,
      The Ankor Wat is dedicated to ….. Vishnu. I thought they would all be budhist but apparently Hinduism reached Cambodia first and most of the population were hindu until the king converted to budhism. You might be spotting those similarities. The Remple swapped between the two religions a few times before they settled on following the Budhism.
      Hope you make a speedy recovery.
      Love John

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