Koh Chang 17th – 22nd Dec.

check it out on google earth. Our beach huts open onto the tropical waters of the bay of Thailand. The water temp. is a relaxing 25 +, warm enough to drift around. It was a bit warm today so I had to retire to the hammock for an iced coffee and rum. The children really will have to do some maths tomorrow.

The top picture is of Louise’s decoration of our porch on our beach hut. What an artistic girl.


10 thoughts on “Koh Chang 17th – 22nd Dec.

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    wow! I want to go there!

  2. I was looking for the octopus’s garden.

  3. cranfield News

    We could just do with a nice lay down in the sun !! Love the rickety beach -house !!
    Mum and Dad xx

  4. Outters

    Happy Christmas to all the Vyle travellers – looks like you are having a great time. Any sharks in that water?

    • Hi Mark, I’ll see if I can get some Ankor Wat stuff onto the Waverly site. In terms of creative writting it would be hard to get a better spot. The high pitch noise are the cicadas. It was a full on jungle / lost temple experience. For me the only thing that would have improved it was if Angelena Jolie had been stuck in a room and need my help to get out. It did not happen.

  5. Outters

    hello Jacob its harry what has been the best experience of your trip so far ?

  6. joe vyle

    I hope you (Jacob) had some lessons for two-wheeled motorised transport that did n’t require stopping the vehicle with your elbow.

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