Pokhara 6th – 24th Oct

Arrived today after a totally massive 16 hours of bus. When we say bus don’t think National Express more last night bus from Newcastle with the suspension shot and the seats just a tad closer. Add in Nepalese film score and lights on with Jacob with a fever and I guess you can say we had an experience. Jacob okay now and Pokhara is stunning, massive 6000m peaks tower over a lake side town. Here’s Louise – I am waiting for a file to upload.

Pokhara is very dramatic. The lake is surrounded by lush forest, although a lot is developed by tourist stuff you can look away from the shore you get a good idea of what it used to look like. I guess it is a bit like standing at Derwent water  and looking at Cat Bells rather than into town. From the lake rise wooded hills and then behind these lurk the Annapurna range of Himalaya mountains. I have never seen anything like it before; the difference in height is startling. I am walking around in T-shirt and shorts and there are these tops at 7000m + covered in snow often rising above the cloud line.

I got totally carried away with it all and have booked us onto the Annapurna base camp trek. 10 days of hiking through the hills. I hope our family survive the ordeal and are still speaking as we come out. The walk out alone is 2 days long, but it passes hot springs so I hoping that we can stop there for a bit. I am very excited by the prospect. We depart on Wednesday morning. The blog will be very quite for the following 10 days.

Photos to follow.


Well most of the photos are on the annapurna sites, so no more here. We are all decompressing after our walk. It was great to meet with another family doing the same thing. We are to meet up in the capital and than have a invite in Calgary. Jacob and Louise get on very well with their two children, and we (Angela and I) get on well with them too.

We have booked our rafting trip down the Seti river for the 24th. We are going to take an extra day as there is a big holiday in progress so everything is a bit muddled here. The post is closed for a week – sorry to all those with birthdays in October.  Money is short in the ATMs and the roads are blocked with livestock being moved into the towns, ready for the big day on the 25th. It was quite a sight comming down from the mountains and finding the road blocked by convoys of beasts being brought into Pokhara.

I am looking forward to a month in one place. Things in India were pretty hectic with the constant travelling, here we have slowed the pace. A month of regularity will help recharge everyone batteries and finally get down to some more formal education. After a chat with Darren (the Canadian) I got to watch this


Maybe I should broaden my horizons.


19 thoughts on “Pokhara 6th – 24th Oct

  1. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Glad to hear you have arrived safely though. Enjoy mountains and lake

  2. rich roberts

    Good to see you rockin’ that howies t-shirt John!

    Are you down- the- boat this Thurs?


    • Good to hear from you Rich. A pint and a good chat on are sorely missed, hadn’t thought of that. But on the other hand we are seeing wonderous things. Lots of good will to all the folks you meet on my behalf,

  3. Tony Ellins

    Sounds great , have fun.

  4. Jane McFadyen

    Hi John we have link to you on our school website. Looks like you’re all having a fantastic time. Enjoy your trek. X

  5. Tait, Tamsyn

    Hey Jacob,
    Glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the post card, it put a smile on everyones face. It looks like you are having an awesome time. Clara Vale is rather quiet without you, however I thought that i had lost my new skateboard yesterday so i was trapsing around the village for an hour (turns out, it was in the summer house) Could have done with your help! Enjoy the Annapurna base camp trek. Now that we have found your blog, I’ll enjoy following your adventures. Oh yes i forgot to ask, having fun playing with fire Jacob? lol 🙂 Tait

    Hiya everyone, WOW all of these pictures that you are posting look amazing (especially the Taj Mahal), That rainstorm looked eventful to say the least… rather you than me 😉 Hope all is well, enjoy the rest of your trip, hope to hear from you soon!!! Tamsyn 😀

    • Hi Tait and Tamsyn, good to hear from you. This is Angela as waiting for Jacob to reply to your message has got painful so I thought I would say hi. We have just returned from an amazing 10 day trek so please check out our website and photo gallary – some amazing photo’s of mountains. Hope Clara Vale is coping without my two very noisy children!! I also hope school is going well for you both. We found out that cola, our cat has gone missing from the farm in Northumberland where she was staying so please look out for her in case she makes her way back home. Jacob and Louise are boating on the lake just now while I enjoy a cup of tea. Best wishes to your mum and dad, Angela xxx

  6. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Base camp trek sounds amazing. Take care though -especially any of you who might not react well to the altitude! What a mumsie reply! Sorry but can’t change my spots now

  7. Big Bro

    Hi sis, can you check the number of allowable characters that this field has? Seems mum and dad lost the lot when trying to send from the library. You might need to go into the WordPress properties field and check.

    • Hi Chris

      Oh, that’s a shame. I will advise them to keep comments here short and email me for longer newsy messages. Hope that is OK. John has just taken our kids rowing on the lake here with the canadian dad and his two kids while I’m having a cup of masala chai and a a relax. Tired today after our adventures. xx

  8. Fiona Peters

    Hi John, I’ve just been catching up with all your family ‘gap year’ adventures on the school website. Looks like you’re all having an amazing time. I’m sure the kids will love hearing about your exploits when you eventually get back to school – hopefully in one piece! Have fun. 😃

  9. rich roberts

    to louise
    you are lucky to be at the bottom of Everest the village is rather quiet without you now!
    miss u lots I heard from Izzy in Holland
    love from islaxxxx
    p.s please reply back

    • Hi Isla,
      I had a very good time treking. It was very very cold out there in the Himalayas. Thankyou for writing to me. Is it getting cold? Is it bad weather? How is school? I have done a video to send to Ms. Armstrong. Love Louise XXX

  10. Sian Atkinson

    Hi guys,
    Just catching up with all your adventures, having worked out where to find them on your blog site! Yes, we are IT illiterate in the Atkinson household. What an amazing time you are having. Life here goes on – Apple Day this weekend! (Doesn’t quite compete with Annapurna, especially as there are no apples this year!)

    • Hi Sian

      You may have a half completed message from me as I was writting a reply to your message and it all disapeared :(. Sorry CV had a disapointing year for apples. I hope you managed to grow some veg and fruit in your allotments. We are having an amazing time and have just returned from a 10 day trek to Annapurna base camp. It was fabulous and we all did well, no injuries, no altitude sickness this time, just a few blisters that didn’t cause us too much of a problem. We are all tired though today. We met a canadian family and the kids get on well, so that helped with the walking on some days when we were together. We have now just booked a 2 day rafting / camping trip down the Seti river, ending with a visit to Chitwan national park. How much adventure can we have! In November the pace of life slows down while I volunteer and John home schools the kids (well that is the plan anyway!!). Say a big hello to all that remember us!! Love Angela x

  11. Julie

    HI all, have just found you on the map. Have fun on the rafting trip, looking forward to seeing the photos and hearing more about your adventures. Love Julie x

    • Thanks Julie, keep looking, though we are about to be still for a month. It will be a bit of a relief to stop still for a while. The children may even get some proper schooling.

  12. Nguyen Hoang Long

    Hello John, It was very interesting to talk you all in the Le Lai park this afternoon. I hope you and your family will always enjoy your journey, and I hope one day I can go to Newcastle to visit your family.
    A big HELLO from Hoang Long ( My name means – a golden dragon ^^). Saigon 20/01/2013

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