Banff and around 12th – 15th July

Phew we escaped the frenetic pace of Calgary, what a blast. Camped up around Banff and chilled. I got re-acquainted with my trusty cast iron cooking pan and cooked out on the fire – my signature smoked beans and bacon, yummy. I wonder if it would be the same without the burnt bits and woody smoke flavour? I tried a risotto the next night, but I couldn’t really wear my new cowboy hat while eating Italian cuisine. I wonder how many times I can get the kids to eat beans before they give in.

Of course we got to Lake Louise, something we had promised to do. I don’t think she was that impressed – I was though and took off on a hike to the six glacier look out, it was like walking back to Nepal. Well the end bit was, I hiked to a little tea shop beyond the lake. It had prayer flags up, rickety stairs to an over look upon retreating glaciers (6 would you believe) and chi tea. I was quite excited at the thought of some chi again but it came in a tea bag with no floaty ‘I don’t knows’ in it. Nice try Canada but no star. I then rushed back so that Angela wouldn’t be waiting. They had gone to the nearer Tea house. (I travelled further but with less altitude gain, Angela would have you know.) Of course I got chatting, to a octogenarian on the same walk. She was telling me stories of when you could walk through the gully to the next valley over, she had done it a couple of times but had to stop when Dead Man Gully became too dangerous (something to do with the retreating glaciers), I wondered just how much more a gully would get if it started with a name like that!

After all that we spent an afternoon in the hot springs, it would have been earlier but we had to wait for the locksmith as our daughter locked the car with the keys in. Since we are in bear country we keep the minimum in the tent, so that was me without a sleeping bag or sleeping mat then. She nearly got fed to the bears but made a judicial retreat to clean her teeth just as we realised that there would be no coffee in the morning.  Of course that was the night that it snowed on the tops and then we woke to a thunder storm. Some how Angela got the down mat and her down sleeping bag, something about how I sleep hot. I got a silk bag liner and Jacob’s coat. The worst was sleeping on those flipping foam mats again. Angela skipped out to seek help. I crawled onto her mat – arrrah my aching bones. 30 minutes later Angela arrived back having sorted everything and got herself a coffee. Not bad; I had only just stopped myself from asking a guy if I could squeeze another cup out of the dregs of his coffee pot. Anyway Louise now has to find a way to raise some cash before she ever gets feed again – or something like that

So out of the park and onto our last adventure. We are joining Brewster ranch to go and ride some and see what we can see. I’ll see just how hard it is to lasso and we get to eat more beans.

Some picture I hear you cry;

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