Dunedin and area – 18th March

Beginning to see the attractions of living here abouts. The in land area is like a giant Northumberland which by all impartial standards is the best place in Britain, and the beaches I am afraid that I might have to admit to there being better beaches than the Newton area. We walked down 100m high sand dunes well I did as I was carrying the picnic. The children rolled, slid and jumped down to reach a beach being pounded by the bluest sea I have seen this side of a bounty advert. Of course you needed 3inches of goose fat to go in the water, that or a wet suite. Nothing much different to the North Sea then. Walking along the beach we stumbled across sea lions. For a beast that gets up to 400 kg in size you would be surprised how well they blend in to the scenery. I was convinced that one was dead, and was on my way to investigate the beast when it twitched its tail and yawned. I made a hasty retreat. We then saw seals on the rocks and were going to wait for the penguins to make their appearance when the call of ice-cream overcame the attack of David Bellamies we were all having.

Ice creams here seem to be made huge, plain greedy or the whole  tub on the cone. We all have the kids cones which are overflowing with a ginormous scoop of the stuff. Strawberry with orange aid is riding high in the popularity stakes though I think the passion fruit should have it.

Our stay with Sarah and Simon went very well, much beer was drunk and bbq’s enjoyed. They brought out their super deluxe tent and the sort of air bed mattress that would do well back in our house. The green monster raised it’s ugly head as they showed us around their 44 acres, swapped for a tiny terrace back in Hedley on the Hill. Own spring, own wood, own paddock…. I went for a long walk in the rain thinking how the weather must get them down. It was hard to hang on to that thought as the sun started to steam up the moisture from the rocks and I looked across the inlet  to wading birds and seals. A bit of a walk to pub mind.

Of to Milford Sound for fun in the fjords.


3 thoughts on “Dunedin and area – 18th March

  1. The Oldies

    What great pics. How blue is that sea!

  2. The cheltenham Oldies

    Dunedin is the furthest city from London! So now you are on your way home! Yippee say us not so sure what your reaction is.

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