Jaisalmer 14 – 22nd Sept

Another fort, but this one is in the desert! The children are looking at a hindi version of what looks like Quincy.  They must really not want another history lesson. Off to book a camel safari not sure for how long. Maybe the one night, of course I’d like to go for a week, but can’t count on others enthusiasm.

Jacob has been quite ill, a fever and now his lips are bad. He is getting better, we visited the doctor and have been given pills. The camel safari is on hold till he is better in the mean time we have booked into a Hotel with english movies and a pool. Louise is very pleased as the owners have two daughters aged 9 and 12. I guess it should be a time that I catch up with some teaching – I am begining to miss it. I hope the children feel the same. In the meantime we……

Slept like royalty                    Looked at desert sunrise  Made friends in the pool

Still very little maths.

The camel safari was just about right, any more and Jacob and I would join the royal eunichs. I can hardly wallk today. The storm was quite an event, we still got dinner, cooked in the small shelter in front of ours. It did melt in a few places as the wind caught it and took it into the flames. The guides also complained about fumes – hay ho and only a small amount of sand in the rice!

AuntyJii kept me right and the kitchen ‘boy’ is something I want back in the UK.

Our final day in Rajasthan and it is sweltering hot outside. I am hiding from the heat inside which is a bit boring; maybe I should go for a final dip in the pool. We were meant to have booked out by 9am but our host said that it would be silly to have nowhere to go until 5 so we could have the room for the day.  I am not sure how effective at this business he is but he is certainly very generous.

For the last couple of days we have been using Harrish’s car (and driver) to take us to some sights around town. We have been to the local Ghats, Ganesh’s birthday celebrations and a ghost village. The latter was a good 20km out of town. It provided enough history for me and horror interest for the children, plus the driver (Gopal)  had lots of stories to haunt the children. In fact Louise was having us all leave before nightfall – because of the ghosts.

 The story goes that the local maharajah was wanting to marry a local girl. The girl was of a higher caste (Brahmin) so the villages were not happy. The maharajah harassed the villages until they had had enough and had to abandon their villages and move to Jodhpur, leaving just a curse upon the 98 villages that they left. It sounds like ethnic cleansing to me. Apparently the exodus and harassment did take place about 100 years ago.

The sun setting on the mellow sandstone gave a lovely glow to the whole of the ruins that belied the rather gruesome history of the place. Louise spent the time convincing herself she could hear things and looking for buried treasure. She did find a ‘hand’ although it might possibly have been some marble with strange markings on it. We did find a fossilised shell.




12 thoughts on “Jaisalmer 14 – 22nd Sept

  1. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Watch out for the “sea sickness” I am reliably informed you can feel on a camel. Enjoy!

    • Jill and Chris Vyle

      Oh poor Jacob. I do hope he is completely better soon and his lips heal.
      Well done Louise for finding friends. Enjoy the pool!
      John hope you all enjoy your teaching. Trust history does not feature too highly on the curriculum,
      Angela, hope your head has recovered from the bump
      lots of love Gma and Gpa xxxxxx

  2. Little sis and family

    We hope Jacob feels better soon take care lots of love Anna Jay Hayden and Darcie xxx And Louise lpoking forward to another video report suggest to your dad that it could count as your English lesson xxx miss you all

  3. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Love the swimming pool friends picture Lou. Hope you are better Jacob. Enjoy your camel trip.

  4. Hope Jacob is ok – pool looks cool – watch those camels spit at you. One hump or two?

  5. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Did Lawrence of Arabia have children?
    Dad is wondering how you got off.

  6. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Did Lawrence of Arabia have children?
    Dad is wondering how you got off.
    Did the sand in the rice remind you of Grandad’s beach barbecues, John?

    • I never remember the sand just the lamb chops. I hope to get another page up with some more videos. We have time since there are no trains out for some time.

      • Jill and Chris Vyle

        look forward to them. Can’t get over how relaxed you all look. Love the photo of Angela on facebook especially

  7. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Can you imagine a holelier in UK letting you have a room for extra time? No idea where you are off to next – looking forward to finding out.

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