Milford Sound 20th March

Brr. It was cold getting up early in the morning. We are quite high in the Southern Alps with snow still clinging to the tops of mountains, so I guess we should not be too surprised.  We had camped the night before by lake Gunn. The campsite was very basic. We could wash in the lake, but with water coming straight from the snow feilds no one went in for a wash. Mind even when there is piping hot water on tap it can be difficult to get Jacob to wash. It was also our first introduction to the sandfly. These things bite. No itchy puncture wounds a proper miniture bite. Not nice.

Milford Sound is actually a fjord, and is named after Milford Haven. Obviosly the Milford Haven that I know must have changed a lot since back when it had this fantastic scenery named after it. I think we are becomeing a tad world weiry as we kept comparing the sound to different places we have visited. We had to give ourselves a stern talking too, get another coffee and enjoy the natural wonderment of the place.

Jacob and I went on to an underwater marine park. It was the opposite of an aquarium, we were the ones in the glass bubble. It was fab, especially when (asks Jacob for details) a 7 gilled shark tried to break through the window.

We are looking at different walks around the area. I can not bring myself to book ahead; must be the anerchist in me. For me the attraction of the back country is that you can follow your own paths. This means that I am pretty much excluding the ‘great’ walks. A pity as they are great for a reason. I have the impression in my head that if I have to share the path with 1,000 of other people, I may as well go and climb Cat Bells on a summer bank holiday. I will go into the DOC office this afternoon and have a chat to see if they have any suggestions.


3 thoughts on “Milford Sound 20th March

  1. Sarah Rhodes

    Glad to see you guys are toughing it out! Great photos by the way.

  2. We have found the delights of cabins. But they sure are chewing up our budget.

  3. The cheltenham Oldies

    It must be far too cold to camp!

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