Leh 15 Aug – 3 Sept.

Here I am doing a bit of geography. The dark river comes from Leh, the lighter one is the Indus and travels all the way to the ocean. I rafted down it with Jacob.

Ramadan finished on the first weekend we were in Leh

Wow what a place.

3500m high really takes its toll. Angela had to spend a good 4 days drinking tea and reading whilst Louise was up and about in the first day. I now know how it feels to be the old one struggling at the back, as the fit and flighty scamper away up the hills. One foot breath, next foot wobble, stop rest -repeat several thousand times to get up the huge hill that seemed like a good idea to book the guest house, because it had a good view.

The view is fantastic; oasis, desert then 6000m peaks capped in snow.

Angela keeps telling me I should book an expedition :- I didn’t think the life insurance was that high.


13 thoughts on “Leh 15 Aug – 3 Sept.

  1. Heard about your delay – are you back on track? Sherpa Tensing on his way!

    • Loving Leh. Just been rock climbing and managed to scare myself stupid. A big festival at the weekend including Polo. I will keep a look out for a royal or two.

      • Little sis and family

        Sounds amazing have just replies to this post after a different one that makes no sense anyway I am sure you will find it. Loads of love Anna Jay Hayden and Darcie xxxx

  2. Little sis and family

    Oh my beep, beep, beep!!!!!!

  3. Little sis and family

    Hi Jacob and Louise I love you from your best boy cousin ever! I start school tomorrow. I asked my mummy if I could visit the taj mahal as it looked amazing. Grandma said that you had asked about me and darcie. Chat soon love the videos please can we have more xxx 🙂

    • Hi Hayden. How was your first day at school? I hope you like it. Please tell me what you have been doing at school. Lots of love Auntie Angela

      • Little sis and family

        Hi all, I Have been playing with my friends. I have a draw and peg with a tiger and my name. Lots of love Hayden xxx We are all looking forward to seeing more videos they are great I (aunty Anna) feeling very envious of what a great time you r having and the things you are seeing except that is for leh castle!!! If I went up I would never be able to get back down xxx

  4. Health and safety out of the window as usual John – I had vertigo just watching you.

  5. that looks so high louise but was it fun
    milly outterside

  6. If I remeber a lot of the crawling was dew to the altitude. Louise did not seem to suffer lack of oxygen at all, at least by the way that she carried on chatting!

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