Bye bye wordpress premium

The subscription is up on the wordpress blog soooo no more video I am afraid. Oh and back to having to put in the wordpress bit in the address so;

Back to U.K. soon and to help us along with reintegration it is set to rain for the next few days, joy.

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Rodeo Night

Fun at the Ranchman's

Fun at the Ranchman’s

Last night in Calgary, Chris looked after the kids (pizza and fun), while we went to the Ranchman. Had a great time with Madeleine’s football buddies. I started wishing for cowboy boots while a guy started telling me about his $1000 beaver hat. I found it tremendous fun, I even managed a hoe down or two.

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Calgary Stampede – 7th July 2013

Check out the photo’s from the Calgary Stampede, the opening parade and John’s birthday celebrations. A good time was had by all

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Cowboy duds

Just bought my stuff for the stampede tomorrow. Everything down to the cowboy lace tie, the hat a present from my cousin. I think I look the well good, at least ready to lasso a few steers. – Ya Hoo!

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Out of the wild.

After spending time in the high country of Wyoming  we have entered Montana and trying to get up to yet more wild. Loads of wildlife best bit were two grizzly bears minding their own. It certainly makes going for a walk interesting, I tend to whistle a bit. Still have not managed to drive more than 3 hours straight, so progress north is slow.

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Does a bear ……?

We were unable to find a space at the Grand Canyon camp site, so went back a couple of miles and wild camp in the woods. 8000 ft up it was a bit chilly but since we squeezed into the tent with lots of extra blankets everything was fine except Angela was convinced there was a mountain lion outside – we survived to morning. The following morning I was quietly sat some distance from camp when into the clearing strolled a mule dear. It was no more than 4 metres from me and only startled when the kids began to interact. Sort of set my day up in a way that a cycling magazine fails to do.

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Road to Utah

So we couldn’t quite make it past yet another interesting town, so we are still in Nevada.

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How could I ever think that 3 days would suffice for this most amazing park. Keep on bumping into people that have just hiked down from the high Sierras, green with envy but onwards towards Calgary as a moth towards the light.

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I Love the NHS

No over the counter drugs in the US so a Dr’s appointment – all very reasonable at £50 then to the drugs. Jee I nearly had to be revived on the spot, managed to pair the ‘script down a bit but will have to be in the wilderness for the next 3 weeks to be able to afford to eat again.

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Fraud detected!!!!

Here we are on the outskirts of Yosemite and we bump into people from Hexham, small world and all that. They were proper hard hard hard core. They had hiked into the back country for 9 miles and then kayaked back down the river for a couple of days – a 3 day trip. What is so hard about that? They had to carry their own boats in, holy cow, I moan about carrying a boat between 2 of us down the 200m to the river, 9 miles! Phew.

So I show them the river running video, not only do they know the falls but also identify the kayakers as kiwis from the way that they hold their paddles. Their did not think the fall was that high either. They informed me that I would have fallen out at the first squirl, fair point. Oh well I still thought it looked cool.

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