Calgary 4th – 12th July

Ya Hoo, stampede time and the place is buzzing with thousands of people all dressed in their best duds. I can’t decide between white hat good guy look or the black hat cool baddy look.

We have met up with my cousin Madeline not seen for some (gulp) 30 years! We are staying with them whilst we are in Calgary. As warned I am deeply jealous of the storage space. Their house has a full sized basement which we are in; as well as a gym, utility room, bathroom, T.V. lounge and walk in cupboard this in addition to the normal living space upstairs. The kids have been treated to some fine embarrassing stories about their dad. I am sure that I was never that daft, dumb or stupid and have told them it was most likely uncle Joe and not their sainted father.

Angela thoroughly got into the pre stampede parade. Snapping away at all the floats, there does seem to be loads of pictures of policeman though – she has muttered something about uniforms, I am not sure what she is going on about.

Pictures to follow when I can rest the camera away from Angela long enough to upload them.

So how was the dinosaur museum? Fantastic! The place was stuffed with all the fossils that were in my ‘How and Why’ series of books that I had when I was but 8. There were the huge ichthyosaurs, weird duck billed dinosaurs (forgot their name) and of course the favourites T – rex and Triceratops had a display all of their own. Even the way that they were displayed looked like a scene from the book. Dino fossils fought one another, a bit strange, but there you go. I have never seen so many fossils in one place. Oh and before I forget they also had amazing dioramas of fish and coral life. If it was so darn far from everybody I would heartily recommend it to you all.

So you might have see Angela’s post of all our Stampede photos. We have a video of the slingshot ride, I am not sure where but I will try and find it. It will only be up for a little while as this sight is soon to revert back to black and white as the premium subscription runs out at the end of the month. Anyway the stampede was a lot of fun. The chuck wagon racing wasn’t as riveting as I thought it was going to be, that said it was hard to top the stampede’s high energy multi discipline cowboy fest. The end of evening show was super awesome with KISS playing – tick that one off the bucket list. The  food at the stampede is quite a …….hummm …. brave menu of deep fried stuff. I had a go at a corn dog, but chickened out at the deep fried butter, apparently the butter is frozen, battered and then deep fried. It knocks spots off the Scottish and their deep fried pizza – mere wimps. Deep fried doritos, now that had me puzzled, but quite simply you open the pack of crisps, pour in some batter mix shake it and then put it in the deep fat frier – cos those crisps aren’t fried enough. Let me know how you get on with those cooking ideas.

Line dancing and cowgirl wrestling up next; I understand all at the same  venue, hope my cuz understands my very refined sensibilities.


3 thoughts on “Calgary 4th – 12th July

  1. cranfield News

    Think we will pass on the deep fried specials. How much pizza can you get on a stick. Having been to
    Lake Louise ourselves you should find it magnificent.
    Love Mum and Dad.

    • Looking forward to Lake Louise xx I didn’t fancy deep fried specials either. There is another page of photo’s somewhere that I posted. See if you can find them

      • ren

        yes got the photos by email but can’\t find them on the site! looks like you are having a fantastic time I am in Jersey and the weather great and hot here in the UK just now, hope all well love reneex

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