Glacier park and out. – 2nd July

Maybe we managed to save the best to last. We have just driven over the Rockies on the ‘Drive to the Sun’ road. The drive is no more than 50 miles but such was the scenery that the drive took the best part of 4 hours. We past a bear (black) cooling down in the river, big horn sheep still in their winter coats and snow drifts that were only cleared last week.

The views though, they were what stole the show for me. The road was built as a job creation project in the 1930’s so efficiency of travel was not high on their mind. The road swoops around bends to reveal the most sublime alpine scenery I have yet to behold. Water falls cascade from glaciers into valleys covered in pine forest. Lakes locked high in hidden valley’s – it was all there. The fact that it wasn’t raining (or snowing as it did last week ) was a big bonus.

We hiked up to a lake, about 3,500 feet, just below the snow line. It was sweltering hot but none of us could face going in the water. You could see the melt water cascade into the lake just up from the valley. Actually that is not true, we watched Angela manage to dip her head under water for a second. Louise and I were much more sensible and spent the day fishing. We caught two trout, but both were under size so they had to go back.

Jacob completed another Junior ranger booklet, I think he might be missing school! We found a second hand book shop that credited him with $18 for his books and as the books in the shop were around the $3 mark we had to spend the next age (did that glacier grow some?) waiting for him to choose another library. Anyway here is some pictures to make you go ohhh – well they do me.

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One thought on “Glacier park and out. – 2nd July

  1. cranfield News

    FANTASTIC!!! When we think you’ve done it all WOW !!
    M & D xxxx

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