Rishikesh 28th – 1st Oct

Here we are on the trail of the Beatles looking for enlightenment, well Angela is, I may just go rafting or something. You may notice an exit date. Unusual for us we have got around to booking onward transport – transport out to Nepal! I am quite excited.

No pictures at the moment as the uploader keeps saying IO error ?!

Angela Greatly enjoyed the Yoga – 5 sessions in 3 days, she is  almost a yogi herself.

Leaving India.

Gosh, 2 months in and we are all ready for our next country. I think the children are defiantly ready: You can see it in the way they now answer rickshaw wallahs, dismiss beggars or negotiate traffic. I’ve seen Jacob haggle over R10 and Louise finally get her bindi spot from a priest on the banks of the Ganga.


8 thoughts on “Rishikesh 28th – 1st Oct

  1. Jill and Chris Vyle

    “Quite” excited? “Just” go rafting? What a boring life you are having! Whilst we are living dangerously trekking up and down the Lidls aisles. We even went to a cake sale today.. Bet you are really jealous.

  2. Jill and Chris Vyle

    just looked at you tube film of rafting on Ganges from Rishikesh – wow!

  3. Paul

    Watching your every move…
    Pah-nomm Pahennn here we come
    Is there a Taj-Mahal restaurant in India??

  4. Showing the kids at school your pictures John – look as though you are having a great time. Love the Bindis – were you not asked to be a Yogi?

  5. Jill and Chris Vyle

    He pushed. I saw it Jacob. Angela – your expression reminds me of how you looked in the boat in Croatia xxx

  6. I think that last shot is my favourite, Angela wanted the clip edited. I have not learnt how to yet… ehem.

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