Kathmandu 5th – 12th Dec.

Arriving in the big smoke, and maybe this is the biggest ‘smoke’ I have been in so far. As we came over the rim of the valley after an exciting short – cut we had our first glimpse of the city; a haze of smog. With visability down to 100m this morning the polution is pretty bad. Louise has bought herself a purple face mask to blend in with the local populus: I just spit in the gutter and take another suck on my inhailer.

We now have a million and one pictures of various stupas:-


4 thoughts on “Kathmandu 5th – 12th Dec.

  1. cranfield News

    Sounds like when we arrived in Malaysai,I couldn’t breath and you could taste the pollution. It hung
    around at head height and choked you. It was a shame as it was a nice place with nice people ,but I
    just couldn’t hack it Maybe you shouldn’t stay too long
    Anyway , look after yourselves
    love Mum & Dad xxx..

  2. urgh that sounds really gross
    miss you all loads
    kitty kat(katie)

  3. richardandania

    Hi guys!

    Finally catching up with you! I see you’ve sussed out how to put a picture on! I’ve generally struggled to navigate the blog and work out what to do and where to find stuff, expected to be updated with email links but it hasn’t happend; I stumbled on the photo upload thing and just sent one off.
    Bin a very busy Autumn back here in Blighty for me and boy have we had some weather, seems like flood after flood. Loving your posts or at least the one’s I’ve managed to catch, wonderful adventure, must make time to login more often. Christmas in a non-Christian country – that’s the way to do it! Enjoy.

    Love Richard and Ania

    • In fact the whole biuld up to christmas has been bypassed. I blame schools. In fact just discussed dates, “oh, 21st that is quite close to chistmas then.” I had planned to just not mention it at all but Angela has said that it was not exceptable.

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